Flowchart Maker: Free & Best Online Diagram Software List

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(Last Updated On: January 31, 2024)

Are you caught in the middle of a project? Not sure how to visually communicate in the clearest and simplest form?  No worries, a reliable Flowchart maker or diagram software is like a magic wand to do away with your problem. It can help you to create a professional-looking or process flow diagram in no time.

Something that’s really worthwhile, What say? May it be the free flowchart makers or their premium versions, you can find a whole lot of applications.

Flowchart Maker/ Software: Need & Importance

Flowchart is a remarkable way of organizing and representing your data. It is a type of diagram that helps you to illustrate step-by-step progression of a process, an algorithm or system.

In fact, you can even depict the most complex and elaborate process in a simple and easy manner. Isn’t that something truly dynamic!

So, if you are in lookout of:

  • Good visual clarity
  • Effective coordination
  • Instant communication
  • Great efficiency

You can surely rely on the Best Flowchart Maker that can prove quite handy for you. Not only this, you also get proper documentation, analysis, and problem solving options with different flowchart makers.

Although, you have some free online apps to create flowcharts. But, there features and usage is often limited. So, to overcome the shortcomings, you can always switch over to a premium version.

Moreover, it is worth investing in a flowchart maker, if creating and editing diagrams is what you do day in and day out.

However, you can reap the benefits of flowchart only with its proper selection. This might get tricky and confusing at times. In order to help you make an intelligent choice, here we present some of the Best Free Flowchart Software.

We have also added few premium software with their highlights, making this collection even more interesting.

 Flowchart Maker: Free & Premium List

1. DRAW.IO: Freeware

Draw.io is the best free online diagram software that works across all platforms.

It is an online diagram editor built around Google Drive. This one is truly a wonderful tool. You can create flowcharts, org charts, process diagrams, ER, UML and network diagrams etc.

In spite of being completely free, there are no limitations and no catches.  You don’t even need to register, neither you have to pay a premium for functionality or watermarking. On top of that, you own the content you have created. So, you may utilize it for any plan or purpose, even commercial.

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Although, it offers a limited collection of templates and shapes. But, it still proves to be quiet useful with significant collaboration features through Google. However, it is very functional tool if you need to make diagrams occasionally.

Guess what? It’s a web based software. But, if you are a Chrome user, you can also access it offline by just installing the Draw.io Desktop Chrome app.

This online free-to-license and open source application for all is funded by paid JIRA and Confluence Hosting.


Someka is a software company building spreadsheet solutions for business needs.Among their wide range of products, you’ll also find a Flowchart Maker in Excel. This very unique tool lets you create automated flowchart diagrams.

You’ll list your tasks in an Excel table, and with a button click, the template will draw your diagram. And with built-in settings, you can easily customize your chart. Additionally, drag and drop option also included.

No installation needed. All in Excel. You do not have to learn a new software. Compatible with Excel 2010 and later versions and works both on Mac and Windows.

Free Version: Free
Single-User License: 49.95 US$ One-Time Purchase
Multi-User License: 99.95 US$ One-Time Purchase


Microsoft Visio is a Diagramming and Vector Graphics Software.

Visio can be used  to produce professional looking diagrams in diverse settings. You can create Basic Flowchart, Organization Chart, Data Flow Diagram, Building Plan etc. in a professional manner.

All its editions have the same functionality as MS Office Word and Excel, such as colour option and text. In fact, it provides you with a library of templates and shapes for making different types of charts.

Moreover, it permits you to directly transfer data feed from MS Excel and Access . It uses VSDX and VSDM file formats. Therefore, it falls under the Microsoft Office Family. Hence, you can buy it as an addition to MS Office.

Microsoft Visio Pricing & Plans:

The latest version, Visio 2016, comes in 3 editions:

  • Standard: For $299.99
  • Professional: For $589.99
  • Pro for Office 365: For $13 per month (annual commitment) or $15.50 per month (month by month).


Lucidchart is a top-tier intuitive, cloud based diagramming and visualization software.

An online platform that permits you to communicate and collaborate with your associates anywhere. You can create simple flowcharts, as well as complex technical diagrams with this diagram software. It has all that is needed to communicate with ease and clarity.

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Furthermore, you can link live data to your diagrams and import data to automatically create ERDs, organization charts and other visuals. You even have an option to choose a pre-made template, or begin with a new blank canvas.

The whole Lucidchart experience is created for you with simplicity in mind. It aids you to integrate flawlessly with G Suite, Microsoft Office, Atlassian, and other prime apps.

You can sign up for a free trial, if you try to test its utility before subscribing to its paid plans.

Lucidchart Pricing & Plans:

This diagram software primarily offers you:

  • Basic Plan (Single user): $4.95/month paid annually or $5.95 month-to-month
  • Pro Plan (Single user): $9.95/month paid annually or $11.95 month-to-month
  • Team Plan (3 users): $27/month paid annually

Surely, it is a superb Visio alternative without the steep learning curve and hefty price tag.


Smartdraw is an easy-to-use and powerful flowchart maker. You may call it as an org chart maker, drawing program, as well as Floor Plan Creator.

You can always start with a free trial and then move over to the premium version.

SmartDraw Pricing & Plans:

Presently, you have 2 options to use this flowchart making software:

  • SmartDraw Online edition (Use on any computer or tablet): For Single User is $9.95/month only. Whereas for multiple users $5.95/month. Both are billed annually.
  • Download Windows desktop edition: For Single User $297 and multiple users from $595 per year.

In addition to it, you can even avail the multi-user and site license discounts. Moreover, this is the only Visio alternative of yours that runs on a Mac, online, and windows as well.

Besides, being user friendly, it is an affordable alternative to Visio. It is even better than the standard drawing tools in Microsoft Office and G Suite. So, you can insert any SmartDraw drawing into Excel, Word, Google Docs and PowerPoint.

SmartDraw offers you diagram templates for over 70 different diagram types. This can be run on any computer with much ease. Therefore, you can have a perfect layout in minutes because of its dynamic automatic formatting.


Creately is a popular diagramming & collaboration Software. A beautiful diagram tool that you can set up from cloud or on your desktop and as a Plugin for Confluence.

It has over 50+ types of diagrams with exclusive features. This can help you draw better and much quicker. In addition, its real-time collaboration and projects fully assist you. So, you can work with colleagues and clients from various locations.

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This flowchart maker allows you to visualize your plan with astounding ease. Not only this, it offers thousands of examples and elaborate shape libraries.

First and foremost, you have the Free offer for individual use but with limitations of 5 public diagrams.

Creately Pricing & Plans:

If you like the features, you can go for:

1. Personal Plan (Individual use):  You get it for $5 per month ($49 per year)

2. Team Plans (For Team use):

  • $25 per month ($249 per year) for 5 users
  • $45 per month ($449 per year) for 10 users
  • $75 per month ($749 per year) for 25 users

Are you still not convinced, and want to explore a bit further? You can go through the below flowchart makers.

Flowchart Maker: Software List to Add On

  • Dia (Freeware)
  • yED Graph Editor (Freeware)
  • Texografo
  • Omnigraffle
  • Cacoo
  • Gliffy Diagram
  • Think Composer
  • Diagram Designer

Now, this was our exclusive bouquet of flowchart makers or diagram software. Any other flowchart maker you wish to add here? Feel free to do so.

Best Flowchart Maker: Conclusion

The next time you search for an appropriate and affordable flowchart maker, This software list will definitely prove fruitful in your exploration. Undoubtedly, a rightly chosen flowchart software can be very beneficial for you and your organization.

An impressive flowchart or diagram can give new dimensions to your plain text. Therefore, using the best flowchart maker definitely helps. Analyse your needs and select the one that solves your purpose.

Not enough! Need something extra to present your unique brand. Do have a look at these awesome Logo Design Software and take your work and business to greater heights.

So, which flowchart maker software you like the most? Have you tried any of the above flowchart makers? If yes, how it has turned advantageous for you? Do share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section.

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