10 Best Android Apps to Beat Your Smartphone Addiction

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(Last Updated On: March 13, 2018)

Smartphone addiction is much talked about topic today that is affecting user’s life negatively. In the present scenario, people are spending long hours on their smartphones to do a lot of useless activities. Thus, to curb your smartphone addiction and help you reduce your smartphone dependency is the need of the hour. So, here we have brought for you an exclusive and important list of 10 Best Android Apps that offer effective results in reducing your smartphone addiction.

Best Android Apps to reduce smartphone addiction:

1. Social Fever:

Social Fever is a futuristic solution that helps you fix smartphone addiction issue effortlessly. This tool works on smart techniques and advanced algorithms to help you manage app and smartphone usage. Using this tool, you can set goals for yourself and later monitor those goals to reduce smartphone addiction. It further sends you alerts when you spend long hours using your device. It is helpful feature to keep your eye and ear health intact. Here, you can set other alerts as well including app usage alert, total time used, device usage alert, screen unlocks and many more.


2. iFocusMode:

iFocusMode offers an interactive way to manage and reduce your smartphone dependence. Using this android tool, you can bet on challenges with digital coins. Here, you can set challenges by setting time duration and selecting apps that you would not use during the set time period. Once you bet on the challenge you will not be allowed to use the selected app during the selected time period. In case you use any of these apps, you will lose all your coins on challenge else you will get 20% hike on your bet. Here, you need to buy digital coins with real money.

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3. Detox Procrastination Blocker:

Use this smart solution to digitally detox yourself. It works on intuitive user interface and user-friendly experience while offering seamless services. Here, you need to set a timer when you would not be allowed to use your device. It allows you to set timer for up to 11 hours. In other features, it allows you to uninstall unnecessary apps from your device when needed.


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4. Phone Addiction Blocker:

This is another effective app that helps you deal with smartphone addiction. It temporarily blocks you out from your smartphone by locking it out for specified period of time. Once your device is locked, you will not be able to access anything on your device. Though it offers a complicated module to help you deal with smartphone addiction but it is useful when you really want to get rid of smartphone addiction.


5. AntiSocial:

Use this smart tool to define normal smartphone usage for yourself. Using this tool, you not only manage to save valuable time but it also helps you keep your health intact. This light-weight app runs in the background and helps you manage your smartphone usage efficiently. Here, it sends daily and monthly reports for better management. Further, it helps you compare data usage to identify resource-hungry apps. It includes three optional blocking modes in other options.


6. AppBlock:

Using this tool, you can temporarily block the usage of distracting apps on your phone. It helps you stay focused on important tasks. Here, you need to add app to block list and you will be blocked out of the selected apps temporarily. You can even disable annoying notifications from different apps. Further, you can set pass code to use this app and create new profiles to use different apps with certain rules. You can even use this app to block email notifications.

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7. Quality Time:

Use this smart app to track smartphone usage from morning to night. Its easy to navigate “Timeline” is useful addition to organize device & app usage. It offers detailed summary on daily & weekly basis with information like total device usage, screen unlocks, app usage etc. In addition to these reports, you can zoom in to find details on an hourly basis. To view specific app usage simply tap on it. It is useful feature to know resource-hungry apps.


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8. MyAddictometer:

Use this smart solution to deal with smartphone addiction effortlessly. Using this tool, you can analyze apps & smartphone usage based on complied smartphone usage data & trends. Here, you will get regular reports for better management. Further, it keeps you updated about apps that you use more than required.


9. Block Apps:

Block Apps is feature-rich tool that helps you block usage of unwanted apps on your device. Using this app, you can set various schedules (blocks) that include apps that would be blocked for specified period of time. Further, these blocks will be activated when device screen is on. You can even start a block anytime you want or undo the changes. Here, you can view all active blocks in the notification bar to stay updated.


10. Stay Focused:

Use this simple yet powerful tool to manage and reduce your smartphone usage to get rid of smartphone addiction. Here, you can block unnecessary apps for specific period of time to save your valuable time. In other features, it offers strict mode, play pause, lock mode, block notifications, off time and lot more.

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Using apps to break and control your smartphone addiction is one smart way that helps you save a lot of your valuable time. Further, it is also useful to keep your health intact by reducing your smartphone dependency. These smart tools work on smart algorithms to offer you instant and practical outcomes. These android applications or apps seem to be a great solution to beat your growing smartphone addiction.

Hope you liked the collection of best android apps to reduce your smartphone inclination. Do you have any other android app to include in our list. Feel free to mention it in the comments.


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