Best Free Vector Graphics Software: Adobe Illustrator Alternative

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(Last Updated On: December 27, 2018)

Are you a graphic designer or keen on becoming one? Looking to create something simple yet really effective! If yes, this post might be of your interest. We have enlisted a set of popular graphic editors for creating beautiful Vector images. Scroll through this exclusive list to get familiar with some of the Best Free Vector Graphics Software.

When you think of a reliable graphic editor, Photoshop and GIMP are the two common names that come to your mind. But, do you know that these are best suited for creating raster images. What if you need a more scalable format? What about having some great vector graphic tools at your disposal?

Now, the first name that strikes you or someone refers to you for Vector graphics is: Adobe Illustrator. Right! Adobe Illustrator, a wonderful graphic design tool with stellar attributes for creating vector illustrations and graphics. But, for adding it to your design kit, you have to spend some money.

So, if your budget is running low and you are searching for free vector editors, you may find something useful here. We shall be discussing some of the Best Free Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator.

Vector Graphics vs  Raster Graphics: Difference

There are primarily 2 types of digital graphics i.e. vector and raster graphics. Now, let’s know the difference between vector graphics and raster graphics.

Vector graphics comprise of thousands of tiny lines and curves (known as paths) for creating images. Vector images can be sized and scaled up indefinitely maintaining their resolution. No matter how close you zoom in or how large you make it, its original look doesn’t change. Logos, icons, text are few common areas where vector graphics are actively used.

Common Vector Graphic Image file types:

  • .drw (vector file)
  • .pif (vector image GDF format)
  • .eps (Encapsulated PostScript)
  • .ps (Adobe PostScript)
  • .svf (Simple Vector Format)
  • .pct (Macintosh bitmap graphics format).
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Whereas raster images are made of tiny squares called pixels. Generally, referred to as Bitmap images, these have a larger file size as compared to vector graphics. Raster images are highly acceptable for digital publications and photos. So, when you click a photograph with a digital camera, the output is a raster image. Most of the images you’ll come across on different websites online are raster images i.e. a grid of pixels.

Common Raster Graphic Image file types:

  • .png (Portanble Network Graphic Transparent file)
  • .jpg (JPEG raster format)
  • .gif (GIF transparent file)
  • .tiff or .tif (Tag Interleave Format)

Not digging further, let’s straightaway discuss the trending best and free Vector Graphics Software.

Best Free Vector Graphics Software

With vector graphics software, you can create images based on geometrical and mathematical commands. So, these are mostly used for making high-definition illustrations. Vector graphics can be scaled up without losing the actual image quality.

1. Inkscape:

Inkscape, a robust addition to the list of free Vector Graphics Software. This is a full-fledged desktop vector editor and is a preferred choice of a number of professional designers. You can create vector objects and images, do manipulations and even edit raster images through this graphics editor. You can add new nodes, edit, align them and make hand drawn vector images.

Inkscape is the most popular vector graphics software owing to the bulk of advantages it offers even being free. This cross-platform vector editor is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

We really wonder, how’s it possible to provide such a wide range of options that too for free! A free and well-organised Adobe Illustrator alternative you must go through in your designing journey.

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2. SVG-Edit:

A powerful browser-based free and open source vector graphic editor. It doesn’t require a software installation. You can create scalable vector images easily through its fancy image-manipulation features. You can make shapes, draw, convert lines to paths and add images as well.

As the name itself suggests, SVG-edit allows you to edit SVG. You can embed this vector program into your website. So, if you wish to avoid downloading one more software, you can simply use this web based vector graphics software.

3. Vectr:

Vectr is a relatively newer graphic program. But, it can nowhere be compared to the magnificent features offered by Inkscape. However, it can be a fairly decent choice as free graphic design software for beginners. You can create good vector images by applying standard vector operations. With its negligible learning curve and easy user interface, you can create shapes, curves, logos in a simple manner.

This online editor is available for Windows, Linux, Mac and Chromebook. You need to create an account and get started.

4. Boxy SVG

Boxy SVG is yet another free software for creating and editing vector graphics. It runs as a Google chrome extension and has a simple user interface. It has a good set of basic tools like pens, text, shapes, bezier curves, groups, transforms etc. In other words, this scalable editor offers you the requisite options needed to make a vector graphic.

You get to see minimal options that an SVG format is good at. This browser-based graphic software is designed for both non-technical persons and web designers and developers also.

5. Gravit

This comprises of Gravit Designer and Gravit Cloud and is a complete vector editing suite. Powered by a full featured vector design app, Gravit Designer, you can create nice vector graphics. A cross-platform software with an intuitive interface to support you in showing your creativity. It is available for Windows, Linux, MacOS and chrome OS.

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Its basic vector tool set (Pen, Line, Slice), typography tools and browser-based nature are its key highlights. You just need to signup for an account and enjoy the well designed user face and its benefits.

Free Vector Graphic Software: Additional list

  • Synfig Studio
  • RollApp
  • FatPaint
  • PrimarDraw

Vector Graphics Software: Premium

If you are willing to invest in a vector graphic software, you can get to see a unique set of paid subscription tools like:

  • Adobe Illustrator CC (Windows and Mac)
  • CorelDraw Suite (Windows only)
  • Xara Designer Pro X (Windows only)

No doubt, the paid vector graphics software shall provide pretty advanced and stunning features. You won’t get them in a free app. But, that’s entirely your choice based on your budget and requirements.

For beginners, the free vector graphics software sound great. Since, cost saving is essential at the initial phase of your designing career. However, if your needs and business grows, you shouldn’t hesitate to switch over to premium versions of essential graphic software.

You can surely unlock the exclusive features that accompany these graphic design software.

Which free vector graphics software do you prefer using? Have you tried any of the above or any other free vector graphics design software? Do share your experience and feedback thereon.


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