DesignCap Review: Free Online Poster Maker to Design Posters

DesignCap Review, Free Online Poster Maker, designcap, poster maker
(Last Updated On: December 20, 2018)

Do you think the poster is an effective way to promote special products and events? In this magnificent digital world, some traditional yet typical tools are still effective, the poster being one of them. Are you thinking to create an eye-catching poster for promoting or attracting audiences? So, we thought to review DesignCap, an easy-to-use free online poster maker that can help you in reaching huge crowds and promoting business events.

There are two options available to get well-design posters: either hire a designer or do it yourself. If you choose the second one, you will save your budgets. However, it would be no easy work for a non-designer. Then, comes the use of DesignCap poster maker to help you turn your creativity into professional-looking posters in three simple steps.

We all know that people are attracted more towards a brilliant poster with strong visualisation rather than simple text. An excellent poster can reach as many as audience to achieve your marketing goals. But, how to beautifully design a professional poster is the magical key to solve the problem. Thus, PearlMountain developed DesignCap online poster maker to solve your purpose.

DesignCap: Free Online Poster Maker

DesignCap was developed by PearlMountain, a graphics software company with other two well-known brands such as FotoJet and DesignEvo. This poster maker is specialised in helping you to design striking posters with its user-friendly editors. It is a web-based software that means you do not take a huge chunk of storage to run. In addition, it does not require any registration or download, so it would save your time largely.

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DesignCap Review: Key Features to Know

  • You can select from a number of poster & flyer template choices available through DesignCap poster maker.
  • DesignCap allows you to access a bulk of resources like clipart images, shapes, different font styles & background etc.
  • It is fully customizable tool to make your unique poster and flyer.
  • A convenient and fast method of creating posters. You don’t need to download or register for using this free online poster maker.

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How to Create a Poster with DesignCap?

1. Choose from a Massive set of Templates:

Hundreds of templates are available for you to choose from and start your poster designing journey. These poster and flyer designs that cover different themes like advertising, sale, wedding, sports, holidays, event shall give you a great inspiration. Such multiple theme templates meet your requirements. They also assist you to bring your creativity out and turn it into striking and persuasive posters.

The best thing is that, you can readjust the elements of the templates you choose freely.

DesignCap Review, Free Online Poster Maker, designcap, poster maker

2. Perfect Your Poster with Large Collection of Element Resources:

DesignCap offers you a large library of delicate elements for you to further improve your poster designs. You can personalise your poster by the four major editing tools including Photo, Text, Clipart and Background on the left panel. Start designing by scrolling through various elements and select them to improve your work. All of them are adjustable.

Besides the photos built-in DesignCap, it has a surprising function to enable you to import your Facebook photo to create your distinctive posters. By using dozens of text fonts, you can make robust and visually impressive posters to reach a wider audience. There are various cliparts available to enrich your design. It provides you with a platform to make your own persuasive and excellent posters with various theme templates and elements.

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DesignCap has in-store a set of professional editing tools that can fully customize your posters. These include size adjustment, position, rotation, font styles, color, background and managing different layers. These user-friendly editors seem to be a great help for you to make professional-looking posters without learning any graphic design software.

There is nothing that can stop you from highlighting your unique creativity to make impressive posters.

DesignCap Review, Free Online Poster Maker, designcap, poster maker

3. Save & Download Your Poster:

After you finish your design, you would find how easy and quick it is to make a high engaging poster. One of the merits of DesignCap is that no registration is required so this save some time. You can save your work in different formats including JPG or PNG of different sizes.

The most attractive part of this online poster maker, you don’t pay anything for your posters. It’s free to use! The only things you need to save and download your work is, they request to “share DesignCap on your social media”. With a professional-looking poster downloading for free, I think that sounds quite reasonable.

DesignCap Review: A Final Take

DesignCap is a user-friendly tool that does not require any in-depth learning. You just have to spend a few minutes getting familiar with the system. Even a novice can get the gist of poster making in just a few seconds. It is the right pick for those who are looking to make online posters for promoting events, products and reaching potential audiences. There effective assistant helps you do this job easily.

What is your review on DesignCap online poster maker? There are a whole bunch of free online poster makers around, which one do you prefer to use? Do share your opinions in the comments or be a part of our Software Discussion forum, that’s completely free to join 🙂

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