Free Photo to Sketch Converter: Best Online Software & Apps

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(Last Updated On: December 10, 2020)

Enhancing your photos with exquisite effects, before sharing them with your family and friends has become a norm. A great photo editing tool powered with numerous effects can work wonders and completely transform your photo. Yes, you heard it right, you can even turn your photos to sketch. This is what you shall learn in this post, an impressive list of Best Free Photo to Sketch Converter or Software.

Sketch  is one of the commonly used effects for the photos. You can turn your digital photos to line drawings online. Guess what? You have some really wonderful online tools that can turn your photo into sketch, that too for free.

Although making the right choice of the tool can be difficult and confusing at times. But you needn’t worry, we have eased your task.

Here is an assemblage of some of the best and free photo to sketch converter.

Free Photo To Sketch Converter: Best Software/Apps

We have handpicked some popular photo to sketch converter. Scroll down to check if they suit your requirements.

1. FotoSketcher:

FotoSketcher helps to transform your digital photos into art, with just a few mouse clicks, in no time.  It converts photos to sketches, drawings and paintings. It is a Freeware (even for commercial use) for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. An experimental version for MacOS is also available.

It equips you with great tools to enhance your original photos and convert them into a marvellous piece of art. Moreover, you have the option of adding a realistic frame or text.

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In addition to this, the advanced users can enjoy more powerful tools which permit you to batch process several images. You can manually retouch them, combine multiple filters and even generate your own effects.

2. Picture to People:

Picture to People (P2P) is an extensively-featured photo manipulation tool. It offers free online photo effect editors, text generators and a lot more. It is a great, feature-packed photo to sketch converter. Besides, it is the best tool available online to transform your photos to sketches free of cost. Moreover, it is suitable for professional editor as well as a newbie.

P2P doesn’t provide any pre-made sketch effects. You have full authority over the type of sketch you use. Create a standard black and white sketch or, a coloured sketch effect of your choice.

Moreover, you can customize the overall style, strokes style, contour thickness or darkness. It’s easy to add background colour, dark regions, strokes colour and smart strokes. However, even the default settings offer a delightful and satisfying result.

3. is a free online photo editor that allows you to enhance and modify your digital photos in an effortless and beneficial manner.

This tool offers a whole lot of pre-made sketch effects. However, it doesn’t provide any customization options like Picture to People.

You can transform your picture into a masterpiece by choosing one of your favourite technique:

  • Pen, pencil or charcoal sketch
  • Colour pencil or crayons drawing
  • Watercolour painting etc.

Simply, choose a sketch effect from the list and upload your photo on the next page. Once the photo is uploaded, the sketch effect will be automatically be added after a short while.

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4. PhotoFunia:

PhotoFunia is a leading free photo editor with plenty of picture editing effects and photo filters. It is a one-stop destination for all types of photo editing. Its Sketch effect is really good.

The Sketch effect by PhotoFunia is a fast and easy process and very simple too. You just need to upload and crop (if you want) your photo. Soon a black and white sketch effect will be applied.

However, it doesn’t provide any customization options or colour support for your pictures.

5. Snapstouch:

Snapstouch is a free online tool to convert photo to sketch, drawing, painting, pencil sketch or outline. It helps to give a professional and artistic effect to your photo.

This online tool is simple to use and you can achieve the desired effects in just a few clicks. Moreover, Snapstouch operates well in all platforms like Mac OS X, Windows XP/Vista/7/8, and Linux.

Not only this, Snapstouch maintains the same quality and size, as the original photo while creating effects. It also supports numerous image formats like PNG, JPG, BMP etc.

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Convert Photo to Sketch or Drawing: Other Online Tools

  • LunaPic
  • ConvertImage
  • Free Picture Stencil Maker
  • Photo2Sketch

In addition to the freeware, you also have the option to go for the premium tools. If you can spend some money, you can unlock access to advanced and exclusive features of different sketch converter software or apps.

Photo to Sketch Converter: The Bottom Line

Everyone wants to look the best in their captured moments, which they can cherish forever. Transforming your photos into sketch can add a new meaning to your photos. All this is possible online with a few mouse clicks that too free of cost. Isn’t that amazing?

In fact, all these free online photo to sketch converter tools are unique in their own way. They empower you with very simple to highly advanced features based on your software selection. Such photo-editing software or apps cater not only to the needs of an absolute beginner but a hardcore professional as well.

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Have you tried converting your photo to sketch? If not, you can definitely give it a try with a reliable and best free photo to sketch converter. You will be stunned to see the results these free online photo editing tools can offer.


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