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Are you searching for the best blockchain programming language? So, you are looking around to grab few insights on the perfect language for building your blockchain? Wait! You don’t need to look any further. We have just simplified this task for you. Here’s a compilation of the best blockchain languages for you to checkout.

What is a Blockchain?

Blockchain, a decentralised and distributed ledger system has caught the attention of tech enthusiasts and programmers all around. You can refer Blockchain as a block that stores digital information. Call it a new internet or a massive tech revolution, blockchain is just here to stay.

You are a developer or a programmer, there’s good news for you! The rise of this blockchain era has created a plenty of opportunities for you to cash on. Get ready, build an expertise in any of the blockchain programming languages. You can avail a variety of lucrative job offers.

So, let’s learn about popular and the top programming languages that support this growing technology. In other words, let’s take a sneak peak into the making of the robust blockchain.

Blockchain Programming Language: Best List

1. C++

C++ is an object oriented language, one of the most coveted programming language for working on blockchain. A tried and tested programming tool that gives immense power to build your blockchain infrastructure. Simply stated, it packs data into objects which can be unpacked for use at the other end easily. You can easily learn it and apply the same in different formats.

Since, blockchain requires a number of miners and users to operate simultaneously. Hence, C++ co-ordinates easily between numerous end points which leads to quick interaction. Few common examples are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple that are written in C++ language.

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2. Javascript

Javascript is a high-level object-oriented programming language quite popular amongst IT companies. New frameworks for Javascript have been created like angular/react/node.js and vue that are helpful in developing code. This prototype-based language can used to connect with ethereum network and smart contracts.

Hence, this dynamic programming language plays a significant role in the blockchain applications.

3. Python

Python is another name to contend for the title of best blockchain programming language. A preferred language for software, website development and now blockchain. You can perform multiple tasks with a single command in this language. This one is  a popular choice of developers.

Building blocks and linking them gets simplified through this blockchain programming language.

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4. Solidity

Solidity is a modern contract based programming language for enhancing the utility of Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVM). Due to its unique feature of catching any iteration while coding, this is preferably used by blockchain programmers.

This one proves quite handy for smart contracts and can be quite interesting to learn.

5. Ruby

Ruby is yet another powerful and versatile programming language that can used to create the desired blockchain. This is a widely accepted language across the globe. Ruby helps you run object-oriented programming in a smooth way. You can customise it to create the desired blockchain that can’t be hacked easily.

This is also a commonly used language for making your mark in the blockchain industry.

6. Java

Java is mainly used in website designing due to its easy linking between blocks of information. Besides creating links, sending data becomes quite easier with this programming language.

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Although, Java is a traditional programming language instrumental in building highly interactive web pages. It’s again gaining traction due to its role in blockchain development.

Blockchain Programming Languages: Few more

  • Simplicity
  • Rholang
  • C#
  • Golang
  • Rust

So, if you are thinking of:

  • Finding some good blockchain development work
  • Wishing to enter the blockchain sphere
  • Or simply wish to upgrade your skills.

You need to pick the correct tool for programming your blockchain.

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Blockchain Programming Language: Overview

There are numerous languages that can be used to create different blockchain applications.

But, we have highlighted the top 6 contenders for the title of the best blockchain programming language. Who do you think is the winner?

No doubt, blockchain has surely disrupted the technology space. Its further stretching its wings beyond the tech arena and positioning itself strongly in other important fields as well.

Therefore, it becomes even more essential to know which programming language can give you an edge over the others. You have to outshine the rest of the crowd with your programming capability. Why not go with the latest trends?

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So, do you already know any of these programming languages? Or are you thinking to learn one? Feel free to share your feedback.

Did we miss out any important blockchain programming language in our list? Do let us know, we shall update it for our readers.