Best Meal Planning App: Free Meal Planner Apps for You

Best Free Meal Planning apps or food planners
(Last Updated On: May 15, 2019)

Are you a fitness freak, a food lover, a busy individual or a family person? Anyone of you is truly going to admire our Best Meal Planning App collection. These Meal Planner Apps shall help you plan and prepare healthy meals with much ease. This can save your valuable time as well as hard earned money.

Besides, you can keep a track of your calorie intake as well. So, an efficient meal planner app is like your kitchen assistant. It helps you in achieving your food as well as health goals.

Meal Planning App: Significance & Usage

In fact, the Best Meal Planning Apps can do a lot for you:

  • Generate recipes based on your health condition and preferences.
  • Relieve you from stress of what to cook and eat.
  • Help you to avoid too many trips to the market.
  • Reduce food waste by providing handy and practical tips.
  • Develop good food habits and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Help you to cook delicious and nutritious food.
  • Help in weight loss through healthy recipes and exercise ideas.
  • Inspire you to achieve your fitness targets in a couple of months or may be just a few days.

So, if your life’s mantra is Fit is Hit, a meal planning app can prove to be really beneficial in achieving this.

No doubt, there are countless meal apps available. But, we have shortlisted some of the Best Meal Planning Apps for you to try.

Best Meal Planning App: Free Meal Planner Apps

1. Mealime- Best Meal Planning App for Free

A simple, hassle-free, nutritious, and delicious way to prepare food at home. It is one of the best meal planning apps available and that too for free. You can either download on the App store or get it on Google Play.

Mealime involves 3 simple steps, planning, shopping & cooking. And, the outcome is a really healthy meal. It offers more than 200 personalization options. So, you can plan and eat as you want. Moreover, you can plan in minutes, for the whole week in advance.

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This meal planning app can make you a smart shopper. You have a simplified grocery shopping list and the entire ingredients auto-sorted for you. Besides, it also prompts you to check and avoid needless buying to minimize food waste and expenditure.

Additionally, you can enjoy stress-free cooking along with delicious and healthy meals in just about 30 minutes. This meal planning app not only helps you to plan, cook and eat better, but also makes you feel great and relaxed.

2. Eat This Much– The Automatic Meal Planner

It is a free meal planning app. However, this can be upgraded to a premium one at $4.99/month billed annually. You can download it on the App Store or get it as Android App on Google Play.

Eat This Much can generate customized meal plans based on your food choices, budget and daily schedule. What you need is to place your diet on autopilot with this app.

So, this meal planner app helps you to achieve your diet and nutritional targets very easily. You can get your hands on some amazing features like single or weekly meal planner, grocery list generator, calorie counter etc.

Now, whether you aim for weight loss or body building, you can create a meal plan in seconds. You even have the option to choose from various diets such as vegan, Paleo, vegetarian, Mediterranean and so on. Moreover, you can modify your recipes, depending upon your likes-dislikes and allergies.

If you are satisfied with the performance of this free meal planning app, you can switch over to the premium version to enjoy further benefits.

3. Yummly– Your smart cooking sidekick (assistant)

This one is also a free to use meal planner. Just like some other apps, you can get it on either iTunes app store or on Google Play.

Be it the recipe suggestions, video guides or handy tools, to make your kitchen life better, Yummly offers it all. It is a great recipe-finding app that features impressive photos. It also has a rating system to help you choose the recipe.

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You can find your perfect recipe using Yummly’s unique search filters. And guess what, you have over 2 million recipes to choose from. You even have the option to collect your favourite recipes in your personal recipe box.

If you are still not sure from where to start, you can browse through the article content for inspiration. Yummly app also comes with a cooking reminder. So, you can add a recipe to your calendar with the exact time. And, it will remind you when it’s time to start preparing.

Furthermore, it can make smart shopping list for you along with step-by-step recipes and cooking video tutorials.

4. FoodPlanner– The Ultimate Recipe Platform

Another free meal planning app, FoodPlanner supports multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Amazon and the Web.

FoodPlanner is a mobile platform for organising your kitchen. This meal planner allows you to create your own recipes. You can search the web for healthy recipes and download them to the app. Moreover, you can straight away calculate nutritional values of meal plans and recipes.

It can also sync all your data to the Google Cloud. Therefore, you can easily share your recipes, meal plans and shopping lists with others in real time.

Not only this, the FoodPlanner app’s Recipe Importer supports more than 500 blogs and recipe sites. In fact, you can instantly import food recipes and other relevant data.

This meal planning app also allows you to automatically generate grocery lists from your recipes. You can even manage all the ingredients in your kitchen with its Inventory Management.

5. Lose It! – Weight Loss That Fits

For Lose It, the basic tracking is free. But, if you wish to get customized program and serious outcome, you can opt for premium app. It is nominally priced at $3.33/month only.

You can get it on ios and Android. (You can download on iTunes or Google Play). It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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LoseIt! is an amazing tool for attaining your weight-loss targets. You can conveniently track your meals, exercise, and nutrition as well.

It follows the 3 ways to track: Search It, Scan It, and Snap It.

You can easily maintain food records with its built-in- barcode scanner, searchable list of popular grocery items, and nutritional facts database. Moreover, if you are looking for some creativity and inspiration, the app’s social attributes can help a lot to keep you motivated.

If you still wish to explore more interesting meal planning apps, you can try your hands on these premium ones. After all, the app choice is entirely reliant on what your budget allows.

Best Meal Planners: Premium or Paid Apps

  1. Paprika: onetime fee of$ 5.99 (both iOS and Android platforms)
  2. Plan to Eat: $39 a year or $4.95 a month
  3. Plate Joy: $69 for six months or $99 for 12 months subscription
  4. AnyList: Free with an optional upgrade at $8 yearly for an individual or $12 yearly for a family

Now, are you impressed by the benefits which you can reap from these meal planning apps? If yes, there shouldn’t be any second thought to get them. If you aim to eat healthy diet, cut calories, lose weight and remain fit, why not go for these meal planners.

Stay healthy, stay fit! Meal Planning does help in getting the desired results. You just have to stay committed. Nothing to worry, when you have such handy meal planners to support you.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phones and download your favourite Best Meal Planning App. Don’t forget to share your views about your chosen app in the comments section.


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