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(Last Updated On: August 8, 2022)

You have completed your graphic designing course and applied for a designer’s job. Now, what to do next? Merely, sitting and waiting for an interview call won’t fetch much, especially if you are a fresher. In fact, you must be well versed with a set of questions that can come your way in a graphic designer interview. So, here we have put together a list of common and Best Graphic Designer Interview Questions.

Graphic Designer Interview: How to prepare?

Now, are you applying for the post of a junior graphics designer or a senior position? Anyways, you must prepare yourself for the crucial interview day. Right!

Basically, you’ll have to appear and prepare for the following:

A. HR Interview round: 

First of all, any and every interview demands to express about yourself, what we refer to as the HR round. So, here you shall be questioned about your background, professional experience, strengths and weaknesses in particular.

You need to convince the hiring manager that why you are the best fit for their job position. And, leaving a great impression in this round, takes you to the next technical series of questions. As you call it, the Technical level of interview.

B. Technical Graphic Design Interview round:

While the HR queries remain more or less similar for different job categories. It’s the technical or field relevant knowledge that needs to be enhanced to click the right job. So, here you shall be judged for your graphic designing efficiencies in specific.

So, you need to do a bit of homework to outperform others through your exceptional designing ideas and presence of mind.

These rounds can be in any sequence based on the company policies and procedures. Most of the time, you’ll face the HR questions before moving to the next level.

Therefore, we shall take you on a tour into the technical aspects of a graphic designer interview. So, let’s monitor some of the top graphic design questions that you must go through before your job interview.

Graphic Designer Interview Questions: Testing Your Skills

For this, firstly be ready to present a unique and impressive portfolio of your best graphic design works.

  1. Why did you select Graphic designing as a profession?
  2. How can you justify yourself as a good designer?
  3. What is your designing approach? How would you describe it in few words?
  4. Rank your graphic designing skills on a scale of 1 to 10? And, why do you think so? Give reasons.
  5. What constitutes a good design for you? How do you define “the best design”?
  6. How do you take feedback or criticism in particular? Does it impact your designs and in what way?
  7. What are your best designing skills? Any specialisation you wish to highlight.
  8. Which is the best design piece you have created so far? Can you take us through some of your sample work.
  9. Do you believe in team work? Do you know the cost of a bad design?
  10. Tell about best projects from your portfolio.
  11. What has been your biggest designing challenge so far? How did you tackle it?
  12. How do you learn and grow as a designer? or How are you learning and growing as a graphic designer?
  13. Which latest design projects are you working upon?
  14. Which graphic designing software and applications have you used before?
  15. How proficient are you in using a specific graphic design software?
  16. Can you design a great new logo for our company? What would it be like and why?

Graphic Design: Knowledge Testing Questions

Secondly, revise your designing theories and concepts, bring out your artistic side to answer these upcoming queries.

  1. What qualities and skills a good graphic designer should possess?
  2. What are some of the latest trends in the graphic industry? Can you name a few?
  3. “The graphic industry is dynamic”, do you agree? And, how do you cope up with latest designing trends?
  4. How do you define “Color theory”? What importance does it hold in graphic designing?
  5. How do you measure your product or design’s success? And, How do you actually define and track it?
  6. What day to day challenges does a graphic designer face? Would you like to share some experiences. How did you overcome any such situation?
  7. How do you define creativity? What does being creative mean to you? Is it an essential skill for a designer?
  8. Explain a working day in the life of a designer?
  9. How crucial is graphic designing for any business?
  10. How would you justify the role of a good graphic design in the growth of a product or service?

So, this was our list of tricky technical questions that could be a part of your next graphic designer interview.

Apart from the above, don’t forget to thoroughly research about the company where you are applying. In addition, know about its key design projects and any important relevant information that can help you.

Graphic Designing: Conclusion

To conclude, we can say that graphic designing is a field of art, creativity and innovation. So, wake up your creative minds to prove that you are not just any other candidate.

Further, the toughness of any interview is based on the post you are applying for. If you are a fresher, you may end up having a simpler session. However, as an experienced graphic designer you may have to bear an aggressive personal interview. All this, to find out if your experience matches the organisation’s goals and requirements.

Don’t worry!! Cheer up and re-energise your graphic design thoughts. Share your extreme passion and insights on graphic designing. Of course, when you are asked to do so! And, you are set to handle any type of easy to difficult design examinations or interviews.

All the best in your graphic designing journey!

Hope you got a clear idea of the kind of visual design interview questions that you could be asked. If you are familiar with popular questions in a graphic designer job interview, you can surely prepare in the best manner. Moreover, it won’t be tough to crack any similar or random queries, if all your basics are clear.

Do submit any other graphic designer interview questions that you come across? Your one interesting feedback can lend a wonderful opportunity to the aspiring job candidates.

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