Free Bootstrap Admin Templates: Best to Download in 2022

Free Bootstrap Admin templates
(Last Updated On: August 8, 2022)

Are you looking for some really impressive Bootstrap Admin Templates? If yes, make sure you don’t miss to scroll though our interesting collection of Best Free Bootstrap Admin Templates. These are not only simple, but easy to download and use.

In addition, we have also included a set of trending premium bootstrap templates for your reference.

You’ll basically get a compilation of both free and paid bootstrap admin templates at a single place. So, in case you wish to switch over to a paid template, it shall be a much more easier task for you.

What is a Bootstrap Admin Template?

Before digging into the plethora of admin templates given in this post, let’s firstly know What is a Bootstrap Admin Template?

Admin templates are HTML markups of designs to fit an admin side application. Thereby making website administration an easy task.

Now, when it comes to building admin templates, bootstrap is one of the best framework used for creating free as well as premium templates.

In simple words, with bootstrap template, you don’t require to code from scratch instead you can get ready made blocks of code. Therefore, you can create a responsive web application using bootstrap that has a great browser compatibility also. Indeed a perfect combination!!

Moreover, admin templates have a bundle of UI components, tables, charts, widgets and pages etc. Therefore, you can either freely download them (free admin templates) or purchase the premium templates.  And, start using them straightaway.

This means, you don’t have to create your interface from scratch. And, you just need to integrate it with your web application.

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Doesn’t this sound really simple and less time consuming. What do you say?

15 Free Bootstrap Admin Templates:

You can get tons of responsive and free admin templates to download. Additionally, you can go for premium admin templates based on your requirements and budget.

  1. Material Dashboard Laravel
  2. Argon Dashboard Nodejs
  3. Material Dashboard Angular
  4. Argon Dashboard React
  5. Argon Dashboard Angular
  6. Vue Argon Dashboard
  7. Vuetify Material Dashboard
  8. Argon Dashboard Laravel
  9. Now UI Dashboard Pro Angular
  10. Argon Dashboard
  11. Black Dashboard React
  12. Material Dashboard React
  13. Vue Material Dashboard
  14. Now UI Dashboard
  15. Now UI Dashboard

15 Bootstrap Admin Templates: Best Premium List

You might have to spend a bit on these, but the end results are wonderful. After all, this is another fruitful way of investing money in your business to get desired output and growth.

  1. Material Dashboard Pro Laravel
  2. Argon Dashboard Pro Nodejs
  3. Material Dashboard Pro Angular
  4. Argon Dashboard Pro Laravel
  5. Now UI Dashboard Pro Angular
  6. Argon Dashboard Pro
  7. Paper Dashboard Pro Angular
  8. Argon Dashboard Pro React
  9. Black Dashboard Pro React
  10. Vue Black Dashboard Pro
  11. Paper Dashboard Pro React
  12. Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard Pro
  13. Material Dashboard Pro
  14. Now UI Dashboard Pro React
  15. Vue Paper Dashboard Pro

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Admin Templates: The Bottom Line

No doubt, there are so many admin template options around. And, you are likely to get confused while picking the right one. So, this massive bunch of bootstrap admin templates shall guide you in making the correct selection.

Of course, the bulk of advantages that accompany a paid template can’t match that of a free version altogether. You are likely to enjoy exclusive and advanced features along with a paid admin template. You may likely miss that in a free template.

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But still, it’s entirely upto you which one you wish to choose as per your requirements.

Also, have a look at popular Vuejs Admin, Dashboard and Website Templates for your app.

So, which bootstrap admin template did you pick? What are your business needs? Are you satisfied with the free bootstrap templates only? Or do you wish to move towards a premium admin template very soon? Feel free to drop in your comments below.


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