Artificial Intelligence Examples: AI Applications & Uses

Artificial Intelligence Examples, Applications & Uses
(Last Updated On: August 22, 2019)

Many of the applications you use today are based on Artificial intelligence. Through this post, you’ll explore some of the best artificial intelligence examples. The applications of AI are spread not only in your business but in your daily life too.

So, here is a set of wonderful artificial intelligence examples that you must checkout.

Artificial Intelligence: Importance

Think of Apple’s intelligent assistant Siri or Tesla’s smart cars. Or Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa, it’s all based on AI. We are indeed surrounded by an abundance of Artificial Intelligence. And, you’ll probably see a bulk of AI examples around. In almost everything we do, in our daily life, AI’s existence can’t be denied.

Moreover, AI is not just limited to the tech world. Everyone is experiencing the influence of this revolutionary AI.

AI is the field of computer science. An area that highlights the invention of intelligent machines. The ones that work, respond and act just like humans.

AI Uses & Applications

Starting from your wake-up call to your routine activities, AI’s presence is much appreciated.

Therefore, Artificial Intelligence is making its significant mark in:

  1. Problem-solving
  2. Face–recognition
  3. Speech-recognition
  4. And, much more can be attained through AI.

Indeed, we are moving towards a dynamic tech era that one could have never imagined.

As perfectly described in the words of Dave Waters:

“Artificial Intelligence is the future and the future is here.”

So, here is an overview of interesting AI examples and applications. Be ready to explore the apps defining your present and future.

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Artificial Intelligence Examples: AI Applications & Uses 

1. Google Predictive Searches:

Whenever you start typing a search title, Google gives a drop-down list. You can view a set of recommendations that change as you add more characters to search title. Now, this is nothing else but AI in operation.

Google search employs a predictive search algorithm. This is actually based on data it gathers about you like your age and location. Additionally, it refers to the various popular searches that you make.

2. Maps and Directions:

Nowadays, no journey starts without Google Maps or other navigation apps. You have a bunch of useful applications guiding your way through, and giving you directions. So, this is actually AI in action. You can know the amount of traffic ahead. Further, you can find the fastest route to your destination based on the usual traffic.

In addition, you stay updated about your journey time. You get to know the route options as per the prevailing traffic and circumstances. So, these navigation apps are good examples of Artificial intelligence.

3. Mobile Banking:

A big thanks to AI, you can enjoy personalized customer services. Along with added efficiency, you also get added security features. These days, mobile banking apps are even incorporated with Chatbots. As a result, you get easy and fast interaction.

You keep receiving bill payment reminders, transaction notifications, and pre-overdraft alerts, etc. All this is because AI is at work.

4. Movie & Music Recommendations:

The algorithms of AI are quite capable to predict your choices also. Not only this, such apps can give you recommendations for music or movies as well. Doesn’t this sound really exciting?

So, you can get suggestions based on your previous choices and trends. And, this is made possible by predictive technologies. Just think of AI deployed by platforms like Netflix. Even music apps such as Spotify and Pandora do the same.

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Netflix, as you all know is an online streaming service. You can view a wide array of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more.

While Spotify is a digital music service. Wherein you can access millions of songs and videos based on your previous listening norms. Hence, these are two perfect artificial intelligence examples.

5. Healthcare:

It’s not a hidden fact that AI has a tremendous influence on healthcare too. Be it managing the medical records, analyzing tests, doing CT scans, or X-Rays, etc. AI has a unique presence everywhere. So, you can perform different tasks more quickly and accurately.

Besides, you can also reap benefits from digital consultation apps like Babylon. And, not to forget the medication management app such as AiCure.

Also, the clinical researches and drug creation processes are powered by Artificial intelligence. Furthermore, health monitoring can be easily carried out by wearable health monitors. e.g. Fitbit, Apple watch, etc. also make use of AI.

6. Social Media:

Social Media is no different when we talk of technology advancements and AI. You can locate and communicate with your friends, family, and associates with much ease. Artificial intelligence plays a pivotal role here. You might be familiar with:

  • LinkedIn,
  • Pinterest and
  • Facebook.

Do you know that these popular social media platforms utilize AI? In one way or other AI is their integral part.

LinkedIn uses AI for matching applicants with jobs. So, it provides the most appropriate matches for candidates as well as employers.

Facebook, as you know, is the trending social media platform. It uses Deep Learning (AI) for textual analysis and targeted advertising.

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Artificial Intelligence Examples and Applications: Add Ons

  • Communications:  Smart replies, e-mail filters in Gmail.
  • Travel: Commercial airline flights, Carpooling apps.
  • Entertainment: Video games.
  • Marketing: Amazon.

So, you can just go on and on!! There is no end to advantages of growing Artificial Intelligence uses. AI empowers a massive number of programs, to make our lives easier and more efficient.

Moreover, all these apps are getting better and smarter each day. Thanks to the constant expansion of their database and features. Do you also feel so looking at the advancements in technology?

If you are a book lover and an AI enthusiast, do explore Best Artificial Intelligence Books.

Which Artificial Intelligence Examples or Apps have really impressed you? Any good AI example that you can wish to add? Do share with us.


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