Top 10 Features of a Good Photo Editor: Best List to Know

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(Last Updated On: September 25, 2019)

What do you search for in a photo editor? A simple user interface, professional looking editing tools, or maybe a bunch of fascinating filters. Photo editing tools have become tremendously popular with time. You can find different editors that can be easily accessed online.

Or you can get them as an application on your phone or tablet. So, you can purchase incredible professional photo editing software as well. And, it’ll have you editing like an expert.

But, it’s not entirely necessary to have all the complexity that comes with professional or advanced photo editors. There are some basic features that any photo editor should have. No matter it’s an online program, a mobile phone app, or downloadable software.

So, can you can find a photo editor with these useful features? If yes, you’ll be able to craft up brilliant photo edits for sure.

A Good Photo Editor: Best Features to Look for

1. Cropping, Resizing & Rotation

Cropping and Resizing are the fundamental tools needed for editing pictures. You may need to crop a photo to eliminate unnecessary parts. Additionally, you may have to resize its dimensions to reduce the file size. Either way, cropping and resizing tools are an absolute must for any primary or advanced level photo editor.

Also, Rotation is another essential tool when you need to fix the orientation of your photos.

2. Light and Dark Adjustments

Adjustments of lightness and darkness are essential if you want better-looking photos. The brightness and contrast or highlight and shadow modifications all contribute to an enhanced image. And, you also need to quickly fix the exposure level of your picture. Since there might be an inappropriate lighting during the capturing phase.

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Moreover, all these adjustments can instantly add more personality to your photos. In fact, these are the most necessary features for photo editing.

3. Manipulating Colors

Making sure your photo possesses optimal colors is the key to stunning pictures. Therefore, saturation and vibrance are needed to liven up photos and boost dull color tones. Hue, temperature, and tint each work differently to transform the color schemes in the picture. Altering red, green, and blue components is a handy tool for fixing color balance.

So, enhancing a specific color within your photo gives it a fresh look.

4. Noise and Sharpening Tools

Noise reduction tools are handy for clearing up noisy spaces in your picture. So, image sharpening is also highly valuable. It allows you to fine-tune your photos by increasing pixel quality. Sharpening techniques aim for all the edges and curves in the picture to generate a sharper appearance.

On the other hand, you can use noise tools to create dramatic grainy effects on your photo. Also, you may do the opposite of sharpening and blur your images for a soft and dreamy vibe.

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5. Face Retouching for Portraits

For portrait photos, face retouching tools are crucial. You need them to fix random spots and blemishes on the subject’s face. Additionally, some editors even let you apply skin color correction and whitening. For portrait editing, spot-fixing and brightening tools are fundamental.

Most of the time, cameras do not accurately depict the realistic features of the face. That’s why retouching is needed. Hence, this feature helps to create a more natural and realistic quality portrait.

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6. Image Selection Tools

Selecting certain parts from your picture is vital for when you need to remove unnecessary detail. Marquees, lassos, and magic pens are the essentials for image selection processes. No doubt, these are quite useful tools for any editing application.

In addition, selection tools let you copy and paste parts of your image. You can easily remove the background while keeping the main subject.

7. Applying Filters

Filters are a complete necessity with social media on an exponential rise. So, keeping up with innovative and fun filter ideas is a trending activity. For instantly enhancing your photos, filters provide a unique and easy way out. With just one click, your photos can immediately transform into beautiful pieces of art. Hence, it’s the perfect tool for someone with limited time.

8. Watermarking

Your photos are your property, which is why watermarking is compulsory for protecting them. Watermarking tools are widely used to add names, logos, or any other picture in the background of your original images. Without watermarking, people can easily take someone else’s work and publish it as their own.

9. Making Grids and Collages

For all the trending social media sites and applications, you need fresh content, especially if you’re promoting yourself through posts and pictures. Grids and collages are the best way to create fun and engaging content. Many picture editing tools provide this amazing feature. So, you can instantly create beautiful grids and collages out of your photos.

10. Addition of Text and Graphics

Graphic designing is on the rise. So, any photo editing tool should have the basic features of adding text and graphics. Apart from professional use, graphics and text can be a great way to liven up your photos for any application. Either way, text and graphics design software give the photo editor versatility and creativeness.

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These photo editor features let you effortlessly create masterpieces from your photos. There are enormous amounts of editors and tools out there. These can provide so many editing and manipulating features for your photos.

To conclude, these top ten features are the absolute necessities of a photo editor. Do you wish to get the hang of essential editing tools and tricks? Just grab the perfect photo editing application.

When it comes to managing your photos, what better than opting for the Best Photo Management Software.

So, have you selected your best photo editor? Did you check for the above important features? If yes, great! If not, do analyse these minute details and share your feedback on your chosen editing tool.


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