Omni Channel Marketing Solutions: How to get started?

Omni channel marketing solutions
(Last Updated On: July 10, 2019)

Do you know what is Omni Channel marketing? If not, this post shall guide you through some important details about Omni channel marketing solutions.

Marketing: Growth over the years

How long you’ve been in business and in marketing or sales? The answer to this query often determines what kind of terms you use to refer to marketing and sales. And, what do you think as traditional for customer outreach?

For example, people who’ve been doing business since the 1980s probably remember times spent earlier. The time when they’d keep contacts and current clients in a Rolodex, do a lot of their work either on the phone or on foot, and tallied things with a calculator.

Moreover, if pieces were printed, they were generally done so at a big print house or one on one in a small office printer.

Marketing Strategies: Ongoing Changes 

As computers changed things, marketing and sales changed their direction too. You have more ways to automate services and more ways to track clients. These advances in technology meant that a lot of things that businesses could once not afford, such as printers, were accessible. Further, this meant marketing could sometimes be more responsive. But still, there was a lot of work done on the phone and in person.

Now what? You can see that marketing is all over the place. So, you can market to people over the phone, of course. But, you can also market to them on the internet, via email, and on social media. There’s nearly an endless list.

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No doubt, there’s a danger in having so many choices. The left hand may not know what the right hand is doing. Therefore, you may have a marketing strategy that reflects one or two or three of those efforts.

Omni Channel Marketing: Meaning & Overview

Now, do you have a marketing strategy that integrates the results? Do you have a marketing plan that shows a multi-phase approach, that is able to take results from one effort and integrate them into others? If you’re like many companies, probably not. But if you do, good for you, and that’s called Omni channel marketing.

Omni channel marketing simply means that you’re not spilling things anymore, but that everything is working together, complementing each other, filling holes where there are some.

For example, say someone visits your website but they don’t decide to get anything. They might linger on some pieces, but they don’t make any decisions.

However, later on in the day when they are on Facebook, they see an ad for that same thing that they’ve looked at. That is probably the simplest in omni channel marketing. So, what do you need to know about how to institute this process into your marketing efforts?

Through this type of marketing, the company puts the customer at the centre and work towards conversion goals.

So, here we present to you a wonderful graphic that can help explain Omni Channel Marketing and ways to get started with it.

Omni Channel Marketing Infographic: How to get started?

Infographic by Salesforce

What are your views on Omni-channel marketing and this comprehensive infographic? Isn’t it an innovative way to promote your products and services? Feel free to discuss about any marketing strategies that you can think of and have tried as well.

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