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(Last Updated On: July 2, 2019)

Do you wish to create captivating GIFs without compromising on quality? Then you can definitely rely on some of the Best GIF Maker App or Software to fascinate your viewers.

GIF or Graphic Interchange Format is a file extension for commonly animated raster graphics file. It is the second most widely used image format after JPEG. GIF makes use of LZW algorithm and supports colours and several resolutions as well.

You have an ample of GIF maker apps and resources available. Each one offering different features and unique results. Besides, you also have the option to choose a free or premium version of GIF tools based on your needs. Here are the selected few GIF maker apps or software.

Best GIF Maker App or Software List

1. Wondershare Filmora9 

Wondershare Filmora9 is one of the best in film and GIF maker software. This is a user friendly tool and allows you to create without limits. It not only empowers you to express yourself in infinite ways, but also help you to get a classy look with endless effects. And all this is made possible by its filters, transitions, overlays and custom titles.

Moreover, it also enables you to perfect your sound with tools like audio equalizer, key framing etc. With Filmora9 you can generate every frame as crisp as reality.

Furthermore, you can even design new worlds with compositing by layering clips and using green screen effects. Apart from this, you can even make complex stories with ease from multiple video imports. You can adjust your content to any platform and upload it directly from Filmora9.

Filmora offers various pricing plans for its users. You can start with a free trial and if need be, move over to a paid one. Filmora Personal Windows is $39.99/year and Filmora Personal Mac is for $49.99/year. You have various other options too.

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2. Gifted Motion 

Gifted Motion is a free and simple to use GIF animator. It operates independently from a platform, but also makes use of Java. It is compatible with all Operating Systems and even offers multi language support.

However, there is no installation needed. You don’t have any steep learning curves to put up with. So, you just need to choose the still images for your GIF, put them in correct order, adjust the timing to your preference and record the animation.

Due to the small size of Gifted Motion, you can even bookmark the page and return to resume whenever required. Besides, it also supports several input formats like PNG, JPG/JPEG, BMP and GIF.

In fact, tasks like adjusting position of image or size of resulting image can be easily carried out.  Moreover, it also offers a Preview function and you are even able to alter the existing images.

On top of that it involves no licensing cost. Isn’t that exciting to know?

3. SSuite Gif Animator

It is a user friendly GIF animator as well as movie and slideshow maker. Being completely portable it runs on all window systems be it 64 bit or 32 bit. So, you just need to load your images and press create.

The animated files made with this software are compatible with all web browsers for viewing. Guess what, this GIF Animator is a Green Software – the most energy efficient and least resource hungry software.

This GIF maker app supports jpg, png, and bmp images. Moreover, you can resize and set all images to one size. Apart from this, you can even set time intervals for each image from milliseconds to minutes.

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In fact, it allows you to create and share small GIF movies with your friends and family.

Further, this app has no trial version, no registration and no recurring service or subscription fees.

Best GIF Creator or Maker: Create GIFs Online

You have numerous online GIF creators which enable you to generate GIFs by simply uploading images or by linking from internet. These online GIF creators are quiet handy and convenient to use. But, before uploading your images, make sure you have gone through there terms of service as privacy may be an issue.

So, here are a few Online GIF Creators to learn about:

1. GifPal:

This is totally online and easy to use GIF maker with exceptional features. It allows you to create GIF animations using webcam and images.

Additionally, it offers some great drawing tools for drawing and including text. You can even alter animation speed and intervals between frames. It provides several effects and frames to choose from and there are no watermarks on photos.

Hence, GifPal is a perfect choice for creating stop motion animations. In fact, it empowers you to make GIFs for Tumblr and other blogs in minutes. But you do require Flash for it.

2. Picasion GIF maker:

This enables you to instantly create animated GIF online that too for free. It is simple to use and supports various formats. Guess what?  It lets you take pictures from Picasa, Flickr or any other gallery.

Furthermore, you can make different avatars and animations and share or post them on Tumblr, Facebook, eBay, etc. It is available in many languages for you to choose from.

Though, it contains ads, but you can avoid them if you keep yourself at right place of the web page. There is no need for Flash for Picasion.

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3. GIMP–GNU Image Manipulation Program:

This is an online image editor and paint tool. It is a Free and Open Source Image Editor that allows you to edit images and make movie slides and GIFs. It supports Windows, OS X, GNU/Linux and more operating systems.

GIMP equips you with the tools that are required for high quality image manipulation. Moreover, it provides you with the capacity and flexibility to convert images into really distinct creations.

Besides, GIMP also enables you to enhance your end results. With the help of 3rd party plugins and various customization options available you are good to go.

In addition to it, GIMP is also regarded as on of the Best Photoshop alternatives to consider.

GIF Maker Apps: The Bottom Line

As you know that GIFs are a great way to attract the viewers and are also great fun to watch. Don’t you think so?

So, whether you are a GIF Creator, a GIF Sharer or a GIF Viewer, these amazing tools are surely going to impact you. Every app or software empowers you with some distinct features. These are just a few GIF creators listed here, the list is fairly huge.

Which online GIF maker app or GIF creator you trust or like the most? Do share your opinion in the comments section.

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