Best Art Gallery Software & Apps: Must Haves of Art Business

Best Art Gallery Software
(Last Updated On: November 20, 2019)

The Best Art Gallery Software is all you require to operate your art business smoothly and efficiently. They are the need of the hour and a must have for your art business to flourish.

Art Gallery Software

The best art gallery software are affordable, and at the same time easy to use. They are the modern tools to shape and grow your career in the art field.

Art Gallery Software is a meant for the artists, collectors, art dealers and art galleries. It enables them to catalogue collections, display them and also sell them. Moreover, each and every job related to managing exhibits and shows is fully automated by the software.

Isn’t that amazing!

So, if you are an artist or related to art in any way, you might be aware of the importance of the virtual art gallery software. But, if you are new in this field and still struggling to establish your art business, you must try these wonderful art gallery software.

Best Art Gallery Software: Leading Apps for Your Business

1. ArtBase 

ArtBase is a powerful business tool. For more than two decades, ArtBase is relied upon by galleries, artists and collectors to carry out their art businesses.

It provides you with Complete Inventory and Contact Management. ArtBase offers Solutions for All Platforms and The Cloud. It provides cloud hosting along with location flexibility.

ArtBase works together with ArtBase Go: Mobile Suite on iPad and iPhone to give you the information as, when and where needed.

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Surprisingly, with just a few clicks you can generate invoices, receipts, forms, catalogues and lists. Not only this, you can even attach any type of document- images, videos, PDFs etc. to ArtBase records. Be it attaching a signed contract, or an appraisal to an artwork, it’s much easy and convenient with this art software.

And guess what this art gallery software is customizable. You can even decide the look and feel of it.

2. Artlogic

Artlogic is the world’s top-notch online database software. It not only offers features such as inventory management and CRM, but also comes with built-in marketing tools. These help to streamline and make your systems better, efficient and enhance smooth running.

The software enables you to store unlimited images and information related to artworks like location, condition, history etc. It also equips you to produce a range of documents and reports in just a few seconds.

Moreover, it even allows you to store unlimited information of your contacts, be it artist, suppliers or your clients. It includes records of conversations, offers, purchases, invoices etc. You can also look for contacts by categories, interests or buying practices.

Artlogic permits you to add or remove works from the site with much ease. This is all because of its website integration. Additionally, it also equips you to create and share customized artwork presentations straight away from your iPhone or iPad.


  • Artlogic One Galleries is $120/month
  • Artlogic One Artists starts from $49/month
  • For Collectors it starts from $80/month.
  • You also have an Artlogic Pro For Artists $160/month and For Galleries and Collectors $240/month.
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3. Masterpiece Manager

Masterpiece Manager is fully web-based software selected and used by over 1400 art galleries worldwide. It easily adapts to your needs everywhere and anywhere.

This software is so simple and straightforward that even a not so technical person can easily use it. It is a great tool to handle your routine gallery operations.

Whether it’s managing your inventory, keeping a track of your clients or pay artist consignments you can do everything. Additionally, you can also synchronise your website and even run online auctions. In fact you can finish off your sale in seconds, and even keep your accounts data in sync.

Pricing: Masterpiece Manager offers a free trial. The starting price is $19/month. It is billed annually, or from $29 monthly. Definitely it is value for money!

Art Gallery Software: Additional List

  • Artsystems
  • NetX
  • WrkLst
  • Veevart
  • Art Galleria
  • Second Canvas
  • Artwork Archive
  • My Art Collection
  • Axiell Art Management Software

This assemblage of Best Art Gallery Software is like a treat served on a platter for the newbie’s in the art business. Of course, as an artist, you won’t like skipping such a combo dish of Art Gallery Software.

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However, if you are a current user of any of the art gallery software, do share your experiences. Which are your favourite art gallery apps? Feel free to discuss.


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