Best Logo Designs: Ideas & Trends to Dominate in 2022

Best Logo Design Trends and ideas
(Last Updated On: August 8, 2022)

Learn about some of the biggest and the best logo designs, ideas that are likely to dominate in 2020 across the globe. A new and awesome digital landscape just awaits you in the form of beautiful and stunning Logo design trends.

Best Logo Designs: Trends for Your Brand

A perfect logo design is truly defined by how well it is received by the people or your audience/users, to be specific. In this highly competitive world, companies are keen to grab any good business opportunity that comes their way. And, an impressive logo is a brand’s unique identity. Isn’t it?

Of course, a wonderful logo design describes a business. In addition to it, a logo symbolises the brand and makes it stand uniquely distinct from others.

So, what are you thinking? Let’s discover the latest logo trends 2020 and adjust to the ever-changing technology needs.

What are Logo Design Trends?

When it comes to Logo designs, a lot has changed over the past few decades. From the 90s to the present, fresh and innovative logo designing concepts have emerged. We have seen a variety of rising and falling logo designing trends.

Starting from the age-old simple ideas to the more technologically advanced and user friendly concepts, there’s a lot to explore around. In fact, certain companies prefer sticking to their traditional logos. While there are others, who follow the logo trends to stay active in the dynamic market.

So, let’s look into an easy way to establish a brand and attract customers. After all, if they remember your beautiful site logo they are likely to recognise you and come back for more.

Best Logo Designs: Ideas & Trends to follow

It’s not just a LOGO, it’s your brand and its your business identity. So, you must be extra careful while choosing the best logo design for your business.

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1. Simple:

Simplicity is the essence of any attractive logo. This has been a traditional tried and tested logo formula. And, this is still used at many places. In fact, this is the basic requirement while designing any brand logo. Just keep it simple. Right!

Can you think of any such simple design logos that have made an impact since long? Just look around and you’ll find so many.

2. Responsive:

A responsive logo design is the one that adjusts itself to different types of screens. This is the era of innovative gadgets, smartphones, Mac and tabs. So, the company that can fit and adjust its brand to all these shall gain over the others.

Simply put, whether you open a site on desktop, mobile or a tablet, a logo’s charm and visual impact should remain the same. If yes, your brand can leave a positive impact on visitors of your site or viewers of your advertisement. Ever imagined, how a blurred logo on a mobile screen looks? Not much appealing, right!

3. Living Logos:

This is the world of tech and algorithms. Therefore, you can surely have a live logo that changes or adjusts to different set of defined algorithms. Active colour changing and shape shifting logos can be a big attraction for the audience. In other words, generative logos are the hottest trend and help companies stay apart and above their competitors.

No matter which industry you are in, the trend of “living logos” is definitely going to stay here for long. What do you feel?

4. Variable:

If you are a marketing guy, you may well understand this. A variable logo is specifically designed to meet the needs of different customers. You run a marketing campaign, you have a varied set of audience for a range of your products say kids, students, working professionals etc.

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Therefore, you can have a customised logo for the type of audience you wish to target in a marketing campaign. In fact, this seems to be an interesting idea. A kid friendly product with an enticing and funky logo. Whereas for the adults, the choice can be a bit decent. However, too many logos can mess up things. So, be careful in deciding the correct number.

5. Minimalism or Finer Details: Both trending

No doubt, minimalist logo designs are also highly trending these days. May it be associated with reducing loading time or its compatibility with mobile screens, a minimal look has its own advantages. So, removing any extra elements in the logo and stick to single stroke lines. Does that sound a bit interesting? Of course, for the fashion and tech industry.

On the contrary, you’ll also get to see an inclination towards more elaborate logo designs focusing on finer details. Something that minimalists probably avoid. But, a lot of digital designs still and will keep continuing to embrace minor details in a company logo. This is quite popular in the food & beverage industry.

Best Logo Designs: Ideas not to miss out

In addition to the above logo design ideas, here are few takeaways from graphic design experts as well:

  • Authentic: Any design that adds to your brand authenticity, you can capitalise on that.
  • Handwritten: An handmade illustration or nice artwork redefining your brand strategy.
  • Gradient: Designing a logo with bright colors from the gradient color palette is surely going to rock on.
  • Geometric: Mathematical shapes & geometrical designs give an extra touch to your logo design.
  • Purposeful Colour: Story telling through colour is also amongst the various logo design trends.
  • Vintage: Old memories, styles and sensations can give a new meaning and authenticity to your brand.
  • Optical Illusions: Something between 2D and 3D that prompts the user to look again at your logo design.
  • Fun & Lively: That brings positiveness in the mind of viewers. Anything funny or energetic describing your passion to tackle things differently.
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You’ll find numerous ways to promote your brand. But, having a great logo design is one of the easiest and the best way to mark your presence in the dynamic business world.

Moreover, for creating a remarkable logo, you must decide and choose the best logo design software. Above all, you have to effectively communicate your brand to your prospective customers. So, your purpose must be clear with every small business decision that you make.

This was our research based set of best logo designs to trend in the coming days. Do you have any other interesting and inspiring logo design trends to add to it? Don’t forget to share your viewpoint in the comments. Any cool logo trends that you have come across recently? Do let us know.


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