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(Last Updated On: December 1, 2017)

Having a beautiful and impressive landing page is the need of the hour. If a business wants to grow, it has to follow aggressive marketing strategies.The use of powerful tools and reliable software and apps are some of the ways to enhance your conversion rate and get more leads. In this blog, we shall be discussing about one such tool, the industry’s leading or we can say, one of the best landing page builder : Leadpages.

In case you haven’t heard of “Leadpages” let us just brief you : Leadpages is an online tool, a landing page creator that helps you build and optimize tons of high-performing landing pages. Now, you might think why it is the best ? How it’s different as compared to other landing page creators ? What are the features that make it outshine amongst other landing page builders ? For this, you shall have to scroll down the entire post…This landing page builder is loaded with a bundle of awesome features(as discussed below) that you probably can’t overlook.

If you are planning for a product launch, a sales campaign, a webinar or simply to grow your e-mail subscriber list; Leadpages is there to ensure you get the most out of it.

Now, if you want a user landing on your website page not to deviate away, click on call to action and add up to your conversions, Leadpages can be the best choice.

Leadpages : Key Features to consider

Some of our favourites that you definitely need to checkout :

  • A number of high-performing built-in templates
  • A simple and user-friendly interface
  • Easy to use built-in optimization tools
  • Facebook Ads feature
  • A viral sharing page option
  • Checkouts : for built-in-payments
  • Lead digits : Opt-ins via text message
  • Leadboxes
  • Signup links
  • A mobile-responsive platform
  • Drag and drop customization
  • A/B Testing & Analytics
  • No coding skills required : I really love this part ! Even non-techies have the convenience to use it.
  • Easy integration with popular e-mail marketing services like Mailchimp, Aweber, Convertkit etc.
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Leadpages : Functions

This landing page builder can be used to perform following functions :

  • Sending useful content upgrades.
  • Build a powerful sales page and see your sales touching new heights.
  • Create wonderful Opt-in boxes and Opt-in forms that shall prompt the users to sign up.
  • You can collect e-mail subscribers and grow your list into a massive one.
  • Build a “Thank you for subscribing page” for new entrants to your subscriber list.
  • A perfect tool for hosting videos and webinars thereby giving a new dimension to your business.

Just look at the ongoing list of features and functionality that we have summarised above. Isn’t that great ! This is what one actually looks for while selecting  the best landing page builder. I mean too much all at one place…a landing page created using Leadpages is surely going to leave your site users enthralled.

Now, that we have talked a lot about Leadpages and its unique features. Let us also get to know a bit about the pricing plans that Leadpages offers you.

Leadpages : Pricing Plans

As in most of the software subscriptions, if you sign up for the annual plan you get to enjoy big discounts. Otherwise, a monthly plan is also worth spending, if you don’t wish to tie up for a longer duration at once.

1. Standard Plan :

It offers you unlimited responsive landing pages,160+ free templates,LeadBoxes pop-up forms, driving traffic with facebook ads and e-mail support. A 100$ Google AdWords credit is also provided alongwith the Leadpages Standard Plan. You may also get special discount with partner companies that further saves you some of your hard eraned money. This simple and basic plan comes at 25$ per month or you get 32% off when you opt for the annual plan.

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2. Professional Plan :

A Professional plan includes all the features of a Standard Plan plus you get access to certain additional options. A/B Split testing, LeadDigits (Text to opt in codes), LeadLinks (Click signup links), priority e-mails, taking payments with checkouts are few of the extra features to explore here. Now, this comes at 48$ per month or you get 39% off when you opt for the annual plan.

3. Advanced Plan :

An advanced plan covers all that is offered in a Professional Plan with some really amazing advantages to add to it. It comes at a price of 199$ per month, that may seem on the higher side for a startup or newbie.But, it can be easily affordable by big and expanding businesses.

Now, you can access these stunning additional features in the Advanced Plan :

  • Advanced integrations with Hubspot,Marketo and Salesforce.
  • 5 Free Leadpages Sub-Accounts,
  • Free virtual workshops
  • 1 on 1 Quick Start call
  • Extra LeadDigits Text campaigns.

Best Leadpages Alternatives : Best Landing Page Builders :

1. Instapage

We had already covered details on Instapage Landing page builder in one of our previous posts.

2. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a robust marketing tool that allows you to create a wide-range of high converting landing pages.It is a  widely popular tool offering dozens of customisable options.

Leadpages : A Final Take

It has been some time since marketers and advertisers have learnt the importance of landing pages optimisation and achieve their conversion goals. Its high time you should think out of the box and implement ways to see your revenue growing.

When you have a reliable tool like Leadpages, all your dreams for grabbing the best and highest leads can easily turn into reality.

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We hope you enjoyed these useful insights on Leadpages that is indeed . In fact, we shall be reviewing a set of popular lead generation techniques and software in the coming days.

So stay tuned and enjoy reading our exclusive reviews on a variety of software, tools and applications !

Do you wish to create a perfect landing page for your website or blog ? Which online tool or strategy you have used so far to increase your leads ?  Have you tried Leadpages or any of its alternatives ? Do tell us in the comment section. Does Leadpages pricing suit your pocket ? If you are a big business, you surely can afford this much cost, if you want to see your blog or online business flourish. 


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