8 Free Duplicate File Finder for Windows: Best List 2022

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(Last Updated On: August 8, 2022)

Duplicate files on any system not only occupy chunks of disk space but also make system running slow. These files generate and accumulate in large numbers over time due to various reasons. If you are worried about these files on your system, relax. You can use the best and free duplicate file finder tools for getting effective results.

Let’s discuss some of these duplicate file finder tools and relevant details here. These are not in any particular order. Just a random list to make you aware of the trending and free duplicate file finder software/apps for windows.

8 Free Duplicate File Finder for Windows

1. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder:

You can use Auslogics Duplicate File Finder to find and delete all types of duplicate files. These may include images, videos, audio & music files, documents and more. This is one of the commonly used and best duplicate file finders. An amazing app available for free no matter you are using it for home or commercial use.

Hence, this even offers regular updates to provide you with advanced cleaning experience. This software uses intelligent algorithms to compare both file names and content to deliver instant and accurate results.

It gives complete freedom to set scan type to find and delete specific file types on your system. Moreover, it works on industry acknowledged proprietary Auslogics technology that is proven safe and effective.

2. AllDup:

AllDup is a simple, free and one of the commonly used duplicate file finders. This helps you search and remove all identical file types on your Windows system. Its fast search algorithms help you deeply scan your system storage to de-duplicate it effectively. It offers flexible scan options to help you find duplicate files and hard links simultaneously. You can use it to search similar files, list non-duplicates and find duplicate files based on similar name, extension, file date, file content and multiple other attributes.

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Further, you can use this to de-duplicate a large number of files. Also, preview files before deletion to avoid deleting important files. During the process, it ignores MP3 files, ID3 tags, metadata of FLAC files and more. It moves deleted files to recycle bin or separate backup folder so that you can recover files when needed.

In addition to it, this offers multiple file support, detail log file related to all actions, file or folder exclusion option, move file option, ignore EXIF data of JPEG files. You can also create hard links or shortcuts to the last original file and more.

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3. Duplicate Photos Fixer:

This powerful duplicate photo management software helps you perform a deep cleaning on your Windows system. Its smart scan engines search and delete duplicate photo files even from the remotest corners of your system storage. You can use its matching level option to find and delete both nearly similar and exact duplicate image files.

It supports cleaning both on internal & external device storage. You can use this duplicate file finder tool to recover lots of disk space in an effortless manner.

4. Duplicate File Remover:

Try this complete media editor tool to scan, detect and remove all identical files in an effortless manner. This duplicate file finder helps you separate multiple media files on your device and remove copies of it accurately. You can reduce the unnecessary storage occupied by these junk files.

It displays live status of file processing and scan results in the group for easy viewing. Not only this, it offers easy navigation and effortless cleaning of your device storage.

Furthermore, it works as a file editor & modifier as well. It offers multiple editing tools and file browser to make image editing seamless for you. In other options, it offers custom or complete scan options, quick file scan, skip files from scanning. Its custom folder select, custom file sort option, multiple file type support, Universal Windows Platform support are quite impressive.

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5. CloneSpy:

CloneSpy can be used to find and delete all types of redundant identical files on your Windows system. You can move files to a particular folder in addition to deleting it. Here, you can export the list of duplicate files without deleting any of these files.

It gives you the liberty to perform arbitrary file operations where you can batch edit or delete the files. So, you can even replace these unnecessary files with shortcuts or hard links (NTFS) when needed.

It helps you de-duplicate file collection based on same file name, same extension, same title, same size, zero bytes files and more. In addition to it, you can build checksum files from files on DVDs or hard disk etc. This can be used to see if these files are present on your system already.

6. Anti-Twin:

Use this nifty software solution to compare identical files based on multiple similarity factors. It moves all deleted files to recycle bin so that you can recover them when needed. You can even directly delete the redundant files as per your need.

Moreover, you can use its “Compare file content” option to compare complete binary content of the files on your system. It means it will scan files based on multiple similarity factors to deliver instant and accurate results.

In addition to it, cleaning your system’s internal storage, this duplicate file finder helps clean the entire network for better results. So, this simple yet effective freeware software for PC consumes very limited space on your system storage.

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7. Mindgems Fast Duplicate File Finder:

This smart tool works on binary comparison algorithms to deliver instant and accurate results. Its preview option helps you view files before deletion to avoid deleting important files. It supports de-duplicating all major file types including images, videos, audio files, documents and more.

So, it not only cleans your device’s internal storage, but also supports external device cleaning. It offers open file with an associated program, multi-language support, powerful filters, instant quick check/uncheck option and more.

8. Duplicate Cleaner:

Duplicate Cleaner is smart duplicate file finder software tool for Windows that performs a deep cleaning of the system. Using this powerful tool, you can recover chunks of disk space in an effortless manner. While searching for the duplicates, it helps you locate the files & folders that you want to de-duplicate.

It supports all major file formats to deliver accurate results. This smart tool is designed on advanced algorithms to get instant and accurate results.

So, you can try any of these trending duplicate file finder tools to perform a deep cleaning of your system. No doubt, these useful tools can recover lots of disk space and improve system performance significantly.

Have you tried any of the above listed tools? Which duplicate file finder do you like? If you know about some other duplicate file finders, do share with us in the comment section.


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