Instapage Pricing & Review : Is it the Best Landing Page Builder?

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(Last Updated On: November 13, 2018)

Are you thinking to scale up your business ? Looking for an increase in the sales of your existing product ? Wish to collect more leads for the services you offer ? Want to promote an upcoming product launch or new service or see a rise in your e-mail list ? Here is the perfect answer to all your queries : our detailed Instapage Review that covers all the salient features about this powerful landing page builder.You shall also get a sneak peek into its affordable Instapage pricing plans plus some other important points to know.

No matter what product or services, we deal in, we all look or we should rather say hunt for conversions. Isn’t it ? Getting a good conversion rate and maximising the client base is what companies look forward to.Right!

Realising the power of a perfectly designed and fully optimised landing page that converts your clicks into massive conversions, we have something special for you….We have started researching and reviewing the best landing page tools and shall be highlighting the features of some popular tools.

Here, we are sharing an exclusive information on one of the Best landing page builder : “Instapage” that helps you create your own landing page templates for achieving your conversion goals.

Instapage : A Glimpse of the Best Landing Page Builder

“Instapage” was launched in the year 2012 by Tyson Quick with an aim to lower the cost of customer acquisition. It is a highly affordable landing page builder, a great tool in the hands of marketers struggling to turn their marketing campaigns into success. So, if you wish to have optimized landing pages in just a matter of few minutes, this is when Instapage comes to your rescue.

Instapage is a cloud service that guides you to create stunning landing pages even if you are a non-techie.You don’t have to learn any coding to use it.That’s probably the best part.

To start with, let us just brief you on, What does a landing page actually means ?

What is Landing Page ?

A landing page also referred to as “a lead capture page” or “a destination page” is the web page that appears in front of the user after clicking on a specific SEO search result or an advertisement link.

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Simply stated, it is a page where the user or visitor “arrives” or “lands” on. In context to marketing, you can refer “landing page” as a single web page distinct from your main website that is used for lead generation or to capture sales. The visitor’s actions and behaviour on the landing page determine the conversion rate for the advertiser or the marketer.

Landing pages can be in any form like Click through landing pages and lead generation pages based on the objective for which they are used.

Now, that you know about “landing pages”. Let us continue our discussion, on one of the commonly used landing page builder platform, Instapage that helps create beautiful landing pages in order to meet and maximise your conversion goals.

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Instapage : Key Features to consider

  • You can explore 200+ fully customizable templates.
  • Easy customisation of pages to build your desired page design.
  • Build conversion-friendly and fully optimised landing pages.
  • Create Mobile responsive pages for an enhanced user experience.
  • You can quickly download and upload templates and share your landing pages.
  • Heatmaps, edge measurement and audit log are certain newly added options.
  • Additional features like inserting CTA buttons, count down timers,video are available that further push its creative utility.
  • Custom fonts, bigstock image library, image manager, parallax scrolling are some other important features to look for while using this wonderful tool.
  • You can easily optimize the landing pages for converisons with A/B testing and keep a track of the user’s behaviour.
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Just keep counting and adding up to the impressive and massive features this landing page builder has in store for you. The bigger the plan you choose, the more advanced and enhanced features and benefits you get to enjoy.

Instapage Pricing Plans :

You are offered a free 14 day trial to checkout their service before signing up for a paid or premium plan. You don’t need a credit card for the free trial. Now, this sounds really cool ! If you are fully satisfied in the trial version, then step further for your perfect paid plan. You can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Here is a quick overview of the Pricing plans offered by Instapage :

1. Core Plan :

An ideal plan for newbie marketers as this one is the cheapest of all the Instapage plans. Being a new digital marketer, you may not like shedding more money, so this one comes for 68$ per month billed annually or 76$ month to month. You can have access to the basic features through this plan like real time collaboration and 20+integrations.

2. Optimizer Plan :

A decent plan for advanced marketers priced at 113$ per month billed annually or 126$ month to month.The Optimizer plan has all the “core plan” features.In addition to it, it has unlimited A/B testing, offers heatmaps and a dynamic text replacement option as well.

3. Team & Agency Plan :

If you have a team, you should checkout the Team & Agency Plan that is priced at 203$ per month billed annually or 225$ month to month. We can call it as a jumbo plan that has all the “optimizer plan” features plus 15 private sub accounts, an audit log and access to branded lead notifications. A complete package for taking your business to a higher level.

4. Enterprise Plan :

This plan has all “Team & agency plan” features but is a customised one that is specially designed to cater to your unique requirements. You are given professional services with advanced functionality as per your needs.A custom success manager is provided that sets out a customised plan for you.

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You can select the desired plan based on your business size and create high performing landing pages to attract the audience. So, if you are particularly looking towards sky-rocketing your conversions, you need to use these handy tools. Of course, they come at a certain cost, but its worth spending if you get to see an instant growth in your conversion rate.

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Instapage : A Final Take :

Instapage is indeed one of the best landing page builder or creator for teams, a simple and easy way to boost up your business sales or increase your client leads. You can design conversion-friendly and responsive landing pages that look great on various devices.Hence, a good and reliable way to collect more leads and a competitive advantage not to be missed out.

Having impressive landing pages is an evolutionary step in the content marketing arena. So, why to lag behind if you have such dynamic and helpful tools at your disposal.

Go ahead and give a new rise to your entrepreneurial journey through Instapage.

Have you tried using the Instapage Landing page builder ? or Have you used any of its alternatives like Leadpages ? Did you like its powerful features and reasonable pricing plans ? How did this platform help you in growing your business ? We shall love to hear your valuable feedback…Waiting to read your experience in the comment section.


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