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(Last Updated On: March 21, 2019)

Beautiful fonts are essential for the amazing look and freshness of a website, blog or an important piece of content. In fact, custom fonts wherever they are used, add a distinct charm to your work. But, you might not always feel like spending extra money on expensive font design editors or software. So, we thought of compiling a list of Online Free Font Creator Software available for personal or professional use.

It’s quite possible that you feel to add a set of fresh fonts to your project or design. This is when these free font creators shall help you add uniqueness to your typography.

Now, let’s learn more about some of the Best Font Creator Software online. Know how easy it can be to design your own exclusive fonts by using a bundle of free font editors available around.

So, get ready to have a closer look at Best Free Font Creator Software, a powerful collection of tools for designing your own fonts.

Best Free Font Creator Software: Best List

1. FontCreator:

One of the most popular font editor, FontCreator is available for Windows. No doubt, its intuitive interface attracts users of any expertise, an amateur or an expert. Further, its advanced features make it a common choice amongst professionals. So, you can simply create TrueType and OpenType fonts and edit existing fonts in a hassle free manner.

Moreover, you can import high quality vector graphics images and convert them into glyphs. Not only this, you can even make fonts of your own handwriting. Isn’t that interesting!

Therefore, FontCreator is a wonderful font editor equipped with smart features that can support quadratic as well as cubic based contours.

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2. FontForge:

This is a free and open source outline font editor. This means, you can freely create new typefaces using its dynamic tools and utilities. Being a community maintained software, you can contribute to the source code. This Libre software is available for Windows, Mac OS, GNU & Linux systems.

In addition, you can just get started by following the helpful tutorials provided. With FontForge, you can draw new fonts using curves or edit the existing ones. Also, the “Spiro” mode lets you adjust curves in a different way.

Above all, if you are accustomed to using Photoshop alternatives, you won’t find this difficult to use.

3. FontStruct:

A free online font building tool that helps you create fonts from geometrical shapes called “bricks”. You can get high quality TrueType fonts to use in your windows or Mac application. This browser based free font creator allows you to build, download and share your own designed fonts easily.

So, you can create “FonStructions” and generate fonts. Not only this, you can easily download them and use in different applications or logo designs. It’s simple and free! And, that’s what defines this font creator best.

4. BirdFont:

A yet another free and open source font creator software, BirdFont is a handy desktop tool for building impressive fonts. You draw on grid, create vector graphics and easily export your design as TTF, OTF, EOT and SVG fonts.

It is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD. Furthermore, it is a well documented font editor to support your exclusive needs. Moreover, you can learn about this software through the helpful tutorials on their site.

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5. Type light:

A free font designer streamlined to meet the requirements of a variety of users. You can create, edit and convert TrueType, OpenType and PostScript fonts with much ease. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

You can consider it as a lighter version of Type 3.2 font editor. So, Type Light is a fully functional free tool meant for personal as well as limited business use. However, for advanced business usage, you may have to grab the paid version.

Free Font Creator Software: List to Add on

  • Font Constructor
  • gbdfed Bitmap Font editor
  • BitfontMaker2
  • Raster Font editor
  • Glyphr Studio

We have highlighted some of the commonly used software that rank high in the free font creator list. But, that’s not all! You might come across a whole bunch of other font editors that can be placed here. So, if you know about any such online free font editing software, feel free to discuss below.

Free Font Creator Software: A Final Verdict

The ever growing importance of fonts can’t be denied. But, certain professional font creation tools are quite expensive to handle especially for beginners. Therefore, as a newbie, you may enjoy using the online free font software initially.

Creative minds definitely love to add that extra touch to their own masterpiece! May it be in any form: stylish fonts, innovative graphics or stunning visuals. All you need is a powerful collection of graphic design software and other useful apps to support you.

Now that, you have decided to create your own fonts? Just imagine your font design displayed on different popular creations. Isn’t that a great feeling?

In conclusion, we can say that using reliable Font creator software or any similar applications can surely make your designs more appealing. Above all, you are doing all this to display your work in an attractive and presentable way.

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So, have you tried any of these font editors recently? Add you experiences to let others know various pros and cons of using a font editing software. Which online font editor do you like the most? If you have any other free font creator software to add in the list above, do drop in a comment to share its details.


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