vTiger vs SuiteCRM: Features and usability Comparison

vTiger vs suiteCRM
(Last Updated On: December 19, 2018)

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vTiger and SuiteCRM are both open source CRM solutions and are being widely used in the industry. Both of them are the offshoots of the SugarCRM CE and have added quite a lot of functionality since. They both are loved equally by the business owners and are actively developed and supported by the developers of the software and the community alike. The post digs deep into various factors while deciding vtiger vs suitecrm for your business implementation.

While the main motto of vTiger is Grow Sales, Improve Marketing ROI, and Deliver Great Customer Service, SuiteCRM intends to build a software to be used as an alternative to Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce and SugarCRM Professional. In this post, we will have a look at various aspects and features of both and how they fair with regards to each other.


Both vtiger and SuiteCRM are offshoots of SugarCRM and are LAMP based. Installation is very simple and requires very simple configurations after the download. The requirements to run both the CRMs are very standard and stable. Software installation scripts like soft-aculous have 1-click installers for both the CRM. We also have exhaustive guides written for the installation of both the scripts, You can check them at:


Both vtiger and suitecrm have moved quite far from original implementation of SugarCRM CE. They are quite comparable as and when it comes to features and you wont be disappointed with one or the other. While the normal features like Account, Leads, Contacts, Campaigns, Opportunities, calls, quotes, documents, notes, products are common in both the product, vTiger moves more towards Purchase order, sales order and some other ERP side features. SuiteCRM on the other hand keeps focused on workflow and other important CRM functions.

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The UI of both the CRMs re not that very much 2017ish but its improving as they develop. In a nutshell, one must research a bit on the organisation workflow and then decide on which one tom implement in your organisation. This can go a long way in impacting your organisation’s productivity.


Both the vtiger and SuiteCRM come with fully featured free versions. Both of them require that you host the free version on your own servers only.

Paid versions are priced differently, while the vtiger’s business model is reliant on the Saas hosting of the platform and the support it offers along with, the SuiteCRM earns by offering various levels of paid support and other features. vtiger’s pricing starts from 10USD per user per month. SuiteCRM pricing varies on the level of support you are looking for.


While the free version of both SuiteCRM and vtiger require that you use the forum and community support may you get stuck with some problem, the paid versions have genuine support levels built into them. The developer community is very well developed for both the platforms and there is no dearth of plugins and extensions for both the systems.


Both the SuiteCRM and vtiger are very well integrated with various business apps and tools like Google Apps, Microsoft Office, outlook, Calendar and Task tools. You can find various integrations as plugins and extensions built by the developers.


In the modern day, its very important that the CRM data be available across mobile and on the field where your team is actually working. Both SuiteCRM and vtiger have a lot of apps available on apple and google play store to complement both your free and paid versions. These apps take your data mobile and you can work and perform quite a few actions on the go itself.

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Hope this post gave you a good idea and help you made a choice between two great Open Source CRMs. Do drop us a comment on your choice and considerations in your choice .. 🙂



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