vTiger vs SugarCRM : Detailed Features and Overall Comparison

vTiger vs SugarCRM : Detailed Features and Overall Comparison
(Last Updated On: March 12, 2017)

vTiger and SugarCRM are two popular open source CRM software systems. vTiger is a fork of SugarCRM CE adopted back in the past. SugarCRM has adopted the premium approach since then. They do maintain the SugarCRM Community Edition version though, it is less maintained than other corresponding CRMs.

This post looks at the vTiger vs SugarCRM comparison and acts as a guide on which one you should implement. Please note that both vTiger and SugarCRM come in both free and paid versions, this blog intends to compare the open source free versions only.

Installation and Pre-requisites

Since vTiger is based on SugarCRM CE only, the installation of both the CRM is almost similar and simple. Both are LAMP based solutions and its easy to install them on any type of shared/VPS or dedicated host. Infact both of them come bundled with one-click installers like soft-aculous etc. Checkout our detailed guides as well on installation:

Free vs Paid

Both the CRMs come in both the free and paid versions. You must host the free versions on your servers whereas the paid versions are Saas based as well as on-premise flavor. The paid editions of vTiger costs 10$/user/month where as the paid editions of SugarCRM comes in various variants in 40, 65 and 149 USD per month.

Please note that the free version of SugarCRM CE might not be as well maintained as free version of vTiger because of the SugarCRM focus mainly on their paid version, however quality comes with a cost and paid version of SugarCRM has significant advantages as compared to the CE edition.

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SugarCRM vs vTiger features

As discussed earlier as well, we will discuss majorly the vTiger vs SugarCRM CE only basically comparing the free with free only. As vTiger is an offshoot of SugarCRM only, most of the features of SugarCRM CE are their in the vTiger as well with an exception of campaigns feature. The campaign feature in SugarCRM CE is much more advanced and production ready as compared to vTiger with new editions like tracking email campaigns, analytics and many more.

vTiger on the other hand has diversified a lot after branching off from SugarCRM CE. It now supports many end to end ERP support features as well in the community edition like Sales Order, Purchase Order, Invoices, Web forms etc.

Both the CRMs have been well supported by the community and there are sufficient plugins available to integrate many features and integrations with third party software.


Mobility is an important integration these days and its important to be able to work on the field with your CRM data. Both the vTiger and SugarCRM have got good mobile apps from the developer. Apart from the developer, there are multiple options available on the play/iTunes store from various other companies as well to integrate your CRM data on mobile.


As with most of the open source software, you have to rely on the forums and the community for the support. If you are looking for official support, you must get hold of their paid version. SugarCRM and vTiger though have decent community and forum support, many workflow issues can be resolved with the help of the fellow users and forum veterans. However, on other hand if your team is getting bigger and you need something official with SLAs etc, its better go out with paid versions.

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We hope that you found out our review useful and it helps you in deciding the CRM implementation. Please feel free to drop a comment if you would like to discuss more about it and we will be happy to help .. 🙂

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