Best Online Cloud CRM Software review

Best Online Cloud CRM Software review
(Last Updated On: November 13, 2018)

When you are a growing small business, a stage comes when managing lead, contacts, opportunities, sales etc can get really overwhelming. A CRM software comes in really handy to manage the sales pipeline and customer service at that point. Cloud CRM market is really developed now and one is really spoilt for choice. This post looks at various online cloud CRM software that can help you get up and running quickly with your sales workflow.

How to choose the right CRM for your business

Choosing the Right CRM software can help a long way in implementation of your sales/support workflow, it is therefore critical to put in right amount of research while selecting the CRM to implement in your organization. There can be many factors while choosing the online cloud CRM suited for your organization, we have written a detail post on how to chose the CRM software for small business, which can come in handy while making your choice about the CRM software solution.

Here we go about reviewing some of the best online cloud CRM software which can help you make up your mind of the online CRM that you want to implement in your organisation.

Capsule CRM

CapsuleCRM is one of the growing Freemium CRMs in the market. The CRM Is popular majorly for its lean interface and getting the working done quickly. Salient Features include Lean Contact Management, intuitive sales pipeline, tasks automation and much more. Here is our review for Capsule CRM.

Flexibility: Capsule CRM provides the flexibility to add your own custom fields or even brand it as per your organisation. Its as flexible as you can expect.

Mobility: Capsule CRM has been built grounds up to support mobility and provides apps for android as well as iPhone.

Pricing: The CRM is free to use for upto two users and then it costs 12 USD per month per user. Fair deal, No ?

Integrations: Out of Box integrations with GTasks and other Google Apps.

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Zoho CRM

Zoho is one of the biggest online cloud CRM. The CRM has been around for quite sometime and zoho gives away quite a generous trial version(some functionalities might be restricted though). We gave it a try and here are our observations:

Flexibility: Zoho CRM is very flexible and can be customized perfectly for any kind of sales force/marketing automation. There are many modules available to configure and enhance functionality. The gamification approach keeps the learn curve simple for employees.

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Mobility: Zoho accompanies robust mobile apps to take your data to mobile.

Pricing: The plans after vary from 12 USD per user per month – 100 USD per user per month depending upon your requirements.

Integrations: Out of box integrations with Google Apps, iCal, outlook etc.


Freshsales is a Sales CRM and contact management tool by Freshdesk. The tool has been built with keeping high velocity Sales teams in mind. The tool is focused precisely on the sales workflow and very fluently usable even for first timers. Here are some of our observations:

Flexibility: Freshsales is highly focused on Sales workflow and Deals pipeline. The sales process is highly customizable to one’s own workflow.

Mobility: Freshsales is very well integrated on mobile and you can carry your sales data on mobile very well.

Pricing: The plans after vary from Free – 59USD per month depending upon your need and requirements.

Integrations:The CRM integrates with many industry level tools like freshdesk, Google Calendar etc and does it very well. There is wide variety of integration available with many business tools.


Insightly is another rapidly growing CRM. The online cloud CRM is very exhaustive and has many features and is geared from base level to advanced level users. The salient features include Social contact management which can come in quite handy when dealing with contacts, Advanced Project management which helps to track the projects very closely and many more. We gave it a try and here are our thoughts.

Flexibility: Insightly is very advanced CRM and the CRM can be customized well to your organization workflow. The CRM has been made in a way that every one from novice to advanced user can use it. This reduces the adaptability time required by the employees. Modules in the CRM can be easily customized to match your organization needs.

Mobility: The CRM has robust mobile application and you can operate the CRM on the go.

Pricing: The plans after vary from free – 99USD per month depending upon the size of your organization and your workflow needs.

Integrations: Out of box integrations with Google Apps, iCal, outlook, zapier, email integrations like mailchimp etc.

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Pipedrive is a sales focused cloud CRM. It adopts a pipeline driven sales approach where the sales is moved through various buckets. The CRM focuses heavily on the visibility of the stage of the customer in the sales process and makes it very simple for the sales team to track.

Flexibility: Pipedrive focuses majorly on the sales pipeline. The pipeline stages and other things can be configured easily. If you need other functionalities, you can integrate the CRM with external Saas tools

Mobility: The CRM has decent mobile apps to manage your sales while on the go.

Pricing: The plans after vary from 15 USD per user per month – 75 USD per user per month depending upon your requirements and team size.

Integrations: Out of box integrations with Google Apps, iCal, outlook, Zapier, mailchimp, trello etc.

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot is an online cloud CRM software by none other than Hubspot itself. Hubspot is another online cloud CRM that follows the approach of sales pipeline. The sales pipeline in hubspot is really well done and CRM integrates very well with other Hubspot products. So, in case you are Hubspot customer already, then this is the best choice for you.

Flexibility: Hubspot is a flexible CRM and you can configure the sales pipeline. The workflow automation feature is really useful.

Mobility: We could not find the mobile integration of Hubspot yet. If you are aware of Hubspot mobile application, please feel free to drop a word in the comments and we will be happy to update the blog.

Pricing: The Hubspot CRM is free and company advertises to keep it free forever. However hubspot does make money from the other products that they will be able to cross-sell in the process .. 🙂

Integrations: Out of box integrations with Google Apps, iCal, outlook etc. The integrations with other hubspot apps is really a charm.


Bitrix24 is an advanced online CRM software offering a plenty of features including but not limited to Contacts, Customers, Sales pipeline, Tasks, Projects, video, chats, documents, drive, HRM, business card scanner etc. Its an extremely feature rich CRM and can require quite a bit of training for the employees.

Flexibility: Bitrix24 is a very flexible CRM and modules/fields can be customized to organization’s own workflow. The higher end versions of CRM offer plenty of workflow automation features and you can very well tune the workflow to your own sales process.

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Mobility: The CRM has mobile apps for all the platforms (Android, iOS, windows). Rest APIs support help you extend the CRM further.

Pricing: The pricing of the online version of bitrix24 varies from Free to 199 USD per user month depending upon the feature set. Even the free version has got quite exhaustive feature set and is extremely useful.

Integrations: Out of box integrations with Google Apps, iCal, outlook etc. A solid REST API support ensures that new integrations keep on coming and the ecosystem stays healthy.


Highrise is an online cloud CRM software by 37 Signals. The CRM keeps the approach simple just like other 37Signals softwares. The CRM focuses primarily on contacts and deals. You can store contacts and associate deals and perform actions on them. As simple as that.

Flexibility: Highrise follows a very simple approach and doesn’t come very loaded. Its lightweight approach helps you keep your Deals workflow simple and keeps the software easy to learn by the users of CRM.

Mobility: The CRM has mobile apps for all the platforms (Android, iOS, windows). Rest APIs support help you extend the CRM further.

Pricing: The pricing highrise varies from 24-99USD depending upon the feature set and the resources that you require within the software.

Integrations: Highrise comes with integration for many industry softwares like wufoo, tracky, piesync, zapier etc.

We hope that this post helped you shortlist the cloud CRM of your choice. In case you are using any one of them or any other CRM, please feel free to drop a comment.

PS: If you are tight on budget and unable to afford Cloud CRM Software at the moment, do have a look our post on Open Source CRM software. We are sure that the post will come in handy in your decision making.


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