(Last Updated On: November 13, 2018)

Graphic Design software industry has evolved a lot over the past few years and we which come to a point where you have an option to create a graphic design from an App right in your smartphone. In this post, we review Etimat Designer, one of the great graphic design mobile apps.

Designing Graphics on Fly with Etimat Designer App

These days we are living in a mobile world, we carry a computer in our pocket all the time, and when I’m saying, “a computer” I really mean it, imagine that your smartphone is more powerful than any desktop computer 20 years ago.No matter you are a business man, a designer, a blogger, a marketer, or any other professional your smartphone is with you all the time. Productivity apps haven’t remained untouched as well with this revolution. Today there are many mobile productivity tools available out there from Word, Excel, audio recording, time management to video editing, music creation or graphic design.

Etimat Designer App is one of these productivity tools for Android, and it’s with you all the time, so when you have an idea or need a graphic design, you can start right away. Whether you need a label, a flyer, a poster, a collage or a business card, Etimat Designer has got you covered.

You can use Etimat Designer App to create graphic designs without needing a PC or complicated tools, this means Etimat Designer empowers people to create graphic designs without having to be an expert.

How Etimat Designer App can help you?

  • Rapidly create designs starting from a template
  • Easily customize design elements using the touch optimized UI
  • Work anywhere (You can work offline. An internet connection is required only to download templates.)
  • Share your designs with others directly from the app
  • Export to multiple file formats JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG
  • Print directly from your device using an advanced printing system (layout placement options).

Etimat Design App Salient Features

Available Templates

Currently Etimat Designer has the following templates categories: Business Cards, Collages, Flyers, Labels, Social.

One key difference of Etimat Designer comparing to other similar apps is that you can work offline once you had downloaded the template. This means that except from connecting to the server to download a template everything else is offline, so you can create/export/print your designs even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Templates screen (explore available templates and choose one to customize it)Details and actions for your design

So, as you already figure out, Etimat Designer is based on templates. All you need is to select a template and start to customize it. You can customize pretty much everything: text, images, shapes.

Quick Edit

One challenge on a mobile device is the screen size, you can’t use a classic desktop graphic design approach to the UI interface, this is because on a touch device it’s very difficult to perform multiple input actions at the same time. For instance, on a desktop you can easily keep a key down, move the mouse and at the same time keep one mouse button pressed.

So, therefore on Etimat Designer we created the “Quick Edit” section so that a user can easy identify and modify all design elements from a touch based interface.

On Quick Edit, the main area contains the list of elements that form your design. The list order reflects the order in which elements are visible in the design from top to bottom, all elements are stacked one over each other from bottom to top (like Photoshop layers). You can easily change properties/content of an element from the list by touching it.

For each element, you can change its content and some properties, i.e.:

  • Text elements – you can change: visibility, color, font name, font size
  • Shape elements: visibility, color
  • Image elements: crop, image rotation.

Once you are done with your design you can save it for later use/edit. From Details screen, you can choose to share, export to one of the available formats (JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG) or sent it to your wireless connected printer.

Layout placement option is a powerful feature. You can choose the way you want to place your design on page. Available options are:

  • Top – your design will be place on top of the page from the top margin
  • Center – your design will be placed in the center of the page
  • Fit – your design will be scaled to fit in the page
  • Repeat – this option will try to include as many copies as possible (it will calculate the best way to do this) on a page, the gap between copies can be adjusted from additional options group

Additional options group lets you add crop marks (very useful especially if you are using the Repeat layout placement).

Etimat Designer version is currently 0.42BETA but it already represents a good option for anybody who wants a graphic design app in his pocket. The future is open, expect many new features to come, this is just the beginning for mobile design productivity. Do give it a try at play store and let us know your thoughts in the comments section. The team is very open and adapts to the feedback quickly !!

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