FlexClip Video Maker: How to Create Videos Online for Free?

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(Last Updated On: April 4, 2019)

Recently, when I was searching for a software to create free videos online, I came across a new video maker tool called FlexClip. Having a closer look, I found it helpful and practically convenient. So, I’d love to share a quick review of FlexClip: A Free Online Video Maker.

FlexClip Video Maker: An Overview

If you like creating videos and creating fun content, FlexClip is the software for you. In fact, this is an easy to use video maker that works on a browser on which can help you create:

  • Animated videos
  • Class sideshows
  • Presentations
  • Digital stories

Therefore, with this free video maker, you can create slideshows and videos to use in your daily life, work and education.

What can be done with FlexClip?

With the straightforward interface and clean storyboard, you can make company introduction videos, explainer videos, slideshows, animations and presentations. Not only this, you can make training videos, storytelling videos, content creation videos, product sale videos and so on.

It offers comprehensive features with support for HTML5. So, you can save your video under your account online or export it with a high resolution for free.

How does this Free Video Maker work?

1. Login your account

You must access the FlexClip website. First and foremost, Login to the online video maker using your Facebook or Google account. Or register an account with your email. When you log in, click Create New on the main page to create your video.

2. Add media

FlexClip allows you to add photos, backgrounds, and videos to the storyboard. So, you can see your scenes at the bottom. It’s free to add new scenes from here or just duplicate the existing scene. You can also delete the scenes you don’t want from this section.

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Moreover, you have the option to set the time duration of your scene with the time adjustment section under each scene above the storyboard. Please note that we are given a free 5-minute period.

3. Personalize your video

The left part includes the text animations, music and other settings that you will use in the video creation. FlexClip is built-in a collection of professionally designed text animations which can be easily applied to the specific scene. Besides, you can adjust its font, style, alignment, position, duration, etc. In addition to it, you can also add a logo to the video if you want.

For the music section, this free video maker allows you to add your own sounds or ready download music. Then you can listen to the music and trim the part you like. FlexClip also allows you to adjust its volume and loop playback. In addition, it allows you to record your voice from a powerful recording tool. Through the narration, you can explain the video at your own pace and make your video more informational.

Also, there are some other settings to make your video more appealing and unique. You can add watermark to protect it from uncivilized using. If you want, choose a ratio from the preset ones to meet your needs.

In the middle of the interface, the scene you selected at the bottom storyboard will be displayed. From here, you can have a real time preview for each scene.

4. Export your video

After creating your video, you can use the Preview button have a full look at the whole video. If something still needs to be corrected, you can make some adjustments again. If everything looks great, export it out directly. This video making software allows you to export videos up to 1080p for free.

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FlexClip: Benefits to Look for

  • FlexClip is completely free of charge.
  • It is very easy to use and suitable for all individuals, even those who have no knowledge of video making.
  • A straightforward and enjoyable interface lets you know what you should do next.
  • This video maker supports many formats for photo, audio and video. It supports the image format like JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, ICO, WEBP and SVG. It supports AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG for audio format. While WAV, MOV, WEBM, M4V and MP4 for video format.
  • It helps you combine multiple photos and video files into one single video story without downloading complicated software.
  • FlexClip allows you to rotate videos by 90 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise very fast.
  • This online video maker offers a handpicked collection of text animations for you to choose.
  • Flexible editing features like trim, split, add text (animations), music, watermark etc.
  • It allows you to export videos with high resolutions up to 1080p.
  • Real time preview gives you the experience that what you see it what you get.
  • It allows you to save video projects under your account online for later editing.

That’s all the features I love. You can make impressive videos online without any downloads or installation. Moreover, the online saving helps you continue editing your video wherever you go. Above all, it’s a free video maker. And, we all like using free software. Right!

Have you tried this free video maker? Do you wish to create free videos online? Which video making application you are looking forward to try? Do share your feedback on FlexClip or any other such apps.

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