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(Last Updated On: April 8, 2019)

In this post, you will become familiar to a list of best captcha solver or captcha solving service. Basically, you shall know about a bunch of Captcha solver services and different software solutions to support your business.

Although, few of these online captcha solvers might offer limited free services based on your usage. So, you may grab an upfront discount initially or get hold of a deal that’s running. Eventually, you’ll have to bear a small cost for using such a CAPTCHA solving service. But, that’s worth it if the quality of services you get, proves to be good.

CAPTCHA: Meaning

The full of of CAPTCHA is “Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart”. Now, did you know this? We generally hear the word Captcha only rather that this elaborate term.

So, the name itself defines the term “Captcha”. This means, you need to pass a test to prove you are a human and not a bot filling forms or commenting.

Have you seen a captcha box displayed in front of you, when you complete up a form and ready to submit? Or most commonly when you try to post comment on an authoritative site? You simply need to put the desired information to prove that a human being is typing. Simply, to confirm that you are not a robot.

Captcha can be of various types:

  • Text based captcha
  • Image based Captcha
  • 3D Captcha
  • Mathematical Captcha
  • Fun Captchas

Captcha Solver Service or Software: Importance

A lot of applications are now protected behind captcha. Do you agree to it? Captcha Solver is becoming an inherently important service in the business process. The key reason to protect an application or service with captcha is to keep the spammers at bay. No doubt, this has indeed become essential!

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But, if you have a lot of form filling to be done for different purposes. You surely want to pass these captchas and speed up your automated form filling process. So, what’s the solution? You don’t have a choice, you need to get around these captchas and solve them. This when a good Captcha solving service comes to your help.

However, there might be certain valid use cases where captcha solving is legitimately required to speeden up the business process. Therefore, a lot of Captcha Solving software and services come to our rescue to achieve your goal.

Let’s firstly highlight few popular free Captcha solvers that can fulfil your needs.

Captcha Solver Service: Online

Let’s get into some finer details before selecting the best Captcha solver:

1. Anti Captcha:

A popular captcha solving service, Anti Captcha wherein the captchas are solved by human workers.

  • Recaptcha Support: Yes
  • Pricing: Starting from USD 0.5 per 1k images.
  • API: Yes. API is available in C#, PHP, NodeJS, Python, Java.
  • Solving Stats: Average solving time varies for different captcha types. This is around 18 seconds for image captchas, it’s 68 seconds for recpatchas and 97 seconds funcaptchas.
  • Documentation: Full with example code.

2. DeathbyCaptcha:

DeathbyCaptcha is one of the most advanced captcha solving services. It provides captcha solving at one of the best rates in the market. Here are the salient features :

  • Recaptcha Support: Yes
  • Pricing: Starting from USD 1.39 per 1k captcha solved.
  • API: Yes. API is available in C, PHP, Python, .NET C# & VB, Java, Node.js, Perl, AutoIt3, iMacros API
  • Solving Stats: Average solving time is around 11 seconds only.
  • Support: Online
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Not only this, it can solve the highly advanced reCAPTCHA and is a market leader. This is a hybrid system of OCR and human captcha solvers.

3. 2captcha:

A human powered captcha recognition service designed to solve CAPTCHA easily.

  • Pricing: $.86 per 1k normal captchas and $2.99 per 1k Recaptchas.
  • API: Supported API clients include .Net, PHP, Perl, C# and Java.
  • Solving Stats: It is 6 seconds for normal captcha and less than 15 seconds for recaptchas.
  • Support: Yes

However, the service is not limited to captcha solving only, you can convert any image to text through this tool.

4. Bypass Captcha:

A professional captcha decoding service to simplify the captcha solving task for you. Bypass Captcha is a manpower based captcha solver that can easily integrate with any third party software.

  • Pricing: It offers different Captcha solver plans ranging from as low as 14$ for 2k credits to as high as 630$ for 100k credits. In between you get plans of 34$ for 5k credits and 130 USD for 20000 credits. And, what does credit refder to: 1 credit=1 correctly decoded captcha.
  • API: It provides API for different languages like PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, Java & JavaScript. In addition, it supports C/C++/C# programming and network solution as well.
  • Solving Stats: Average solving time is between 8 to 13 seconds.
  • Support: Yes

5. Image Typerz:

A yet another commonly used captcha bypass provider that uses human labour to solve your captchas.

  • Recaptcha Support: Yes
  • Pricing: Normal captchas at 0.8$ per 1k. In simple terms, it is 0.0008$ per captcha.
  • API: Simple API in a number of programming languages like .Net, PHP, C,C++, Java, Perl, iMacros, Command line program & C#HTML posting.
  • Solving Stats: Normal captcha solving time is 8-10 seconds. While Recpatcha V2 solving time is around 50 seconds.
  • Support: Yes
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Captcha Solvers: Service Providers List to Add on

  • DeCaptcher
  • AZ
  • ExpertDecoders
  • Captcha Tronix
  • Cheap Captcha

There are numerous captcha solving service providers and solutions out there. Many of these rely on cheap labour force to solve captchas within a fraction of seconds. Whereas there are other service providers that use OCR technology for captcha recognition.

However, your primary concern should be to select the best captcha solving service that eases out your task. Therefore, from the vast pool of captcha decoding services, you just have to pick the best one. Right!

Moreover, the technology applied in Captcha and reCATCHAS is getting smarter day by day. So, you need to keep an eye on the Captcha solver that performs with complete accuracy and precision. What’s your viewpoint on the same? Feel free to share in the comments.


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