Best 15 Rainmeter Skins You can use in 2022

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(Last Updated On: August 8, 2022)

We all know that we can always customize our windows operating system whenever we want. That is one of the reasons why Windows is very famous among its users. Rainmeter Skins is one of them.

What is a Rainmeter Skin?

There are so many programs and applications that let you customize your Windows completely and Rainmeter is arguably one of the most popular ones among them. An easy and free to use desktop customization software that will let the user customize the way their desktop looks like.

It can add up the features like clock, network usage and many other features to the home screen of your desktop. There are countless rainmeter available in the market so it is very difficult to choose the best one among them.

Best 15 Rainmeter Skins to Use

So here in this article, we have tried to pick the best 15 rainmeter skins to use. So here we go –

1. Mond

Mond is one of the best rainmeter skins which can easily be customized with your wallpaper really well. The Mond skin is easily customizable which lets you add multiple widgets on your desktop. To use the applications like Spotify you need to install a separate plugin.

Mond is one of the most minimalistic and light rainmeter skin which does not hog your computer resources in the background.


FLHUD is another best rainmeter skin you can use in your Laptop or desktop to make all the things easier as it has a top-bar widget which contains customizable hyperlinks, including Spotify visualizer and lastly the date and time widget.

You can switch to any other website within seconds and that is one of the awesome features about this rainmeter skin. If you want then you can also hide the taskbar to add more widgets.

3. Ageo

Ageo is another best rainmeter skin which brings a material look to your desktop with a cool music player; date, time and weather widget, and a running widget for motivational quotes. Apart from those you also get the dock which is really similar to the OS of MAC and which is very easily customizable.

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4. Moderate

This cool rainmeter will give you the feel of an Android user interface. You will get a launcher, quick setting toggles, music controls and many more.

If you are using a touchscreen laptop then you can use this material rainmeter skin to enhance the beauty and performance and also it gives a familiar aesthetic look between the skin and desktop background.

5. The Gemini Suite

Another simple yet one of the best rainmeter skins to use in 2020. It comes up with the CPU, RAM and storage widget and a date-time widget on top. You can integrate your Steam account with this rainmeter skin which will let you launch any games instantly from your homepage.

You can also add your favourite games and applications on the left side of the homepage. This rainmeter skin is one of the best choices among the gamers who love showing their love for games.


TECH – A is one of the best futuristic rainmeter skins you can use on your desktop. It can display various kinds of information, such as CPU usage, RAM utilization, Time & date and so on. Apart from these options, you can also add shortcuts like you can add various system folders.

7. IronMan – Jarvis

If you are an Iron Man fan then you should definitely try this cool rainmeter skin for your desktop. This rainmeter skin is very easily customizable and offers various widgets and modules which are easily customizable as well.

Some of the information displayed includes Time and Date, Hard disk capacity, Temperature details, RSS feeds, and of course shortcuts to the system folders such as My Documents etc. emerging from the arc reactor core.

8. Avengers SHIELD OS

Similarly if you are an Avengers fan then you should definitely try this rainmeter skin for your desktop. It can be downloaded in multiple resolutions, which includes handy shortcuts and frequently accessed applications like Browser and Media player.

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It also includes Volume Control, Media playback and control bar, RAM and CPU usage display, shutdown & restart buttons, and the most important part is the S.H.I.E.L.D Eagle tag.

9. Senja Suite

If you love minimalistic rainmeter skins then you will definitely love this rainmeter skin as it is very lightweight and clean. Senja Suite takes care of all the basics and also offers them to you extremely well.

The information that is being displayed includes a Time, User profile button which comes with an expandable bar for System folder shortcuts, Slideshow of the favourite pictures, Media information with control buttons, and finally the Shutdown, Restart and Log off buttons.


One of the most amazing rainmeter skins which shows how much wallpaper is to the customization of any rainmeter skin. The modules are very easily configurable. That includes everything from the Disk partition shortcuts and Power status, to the Network upload-download speeds and System time and date.

11. Eker Lina

Eker Lina is one of the most beautifully designed rainmeter skin available in the market. It consists of various widgets and modules which is further divided into sub-modules. The modules are very easily customizable as per your requirements.

Eker Lina can display system folder and drive shortcuts which includes Media controls, RSS feeds, Time & Date, Current weather and so on.

12. Windows 10 Widgets

If you don’t want to have a very flashy rainmeter skin then you can try this one. You can add any type of widgets to display info about the battery, CPU usage, date and time of your system, Wi-Fi, and many more.

It also has a lock desktop button and volume sliders in the mix. The skin works really well with all screen sizes, which is a plus for Windows users.

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13. Before Dawn

If you want to download a rainmeter skin which you can set up very easily in no time then you should download this awesome rainmeter skin. Just run the rainmeter skin and it will appear as a stunning and information laced bar covering the entire width of your desktop. It presents information in a highly understandable manner.

It has features like Time & Date and the Shortcuts of frequently used programs and websites, including Subscribed RSS feeds, and Current location temperature.


As the name suggests, this rainmeter skin is one of the best minimalistic rainmeter skins to use in 2020. It has a collection of several pleasant and modern clock and date widgets that could elevate anyone’s desktop experience in no time.

15. Razor

On the last of our list is a rainmeter skin named Razer which offers you the translucency and frosted glass effects, this rainmeter skin is one of those skins where your choice regarding the desktop wallpaper can dramatically affect how good or bad it is.

Few of the information displaying widgets it comes with are combo Weather and Time & Date header, shortcuts of System libraries, a Customizable dock, Power status, and Network strength.


So that’s it! These are the list of best 15 Rainmeter Skins to use in 2021 according to us. Try these rainmeter skins and customize your desktop as per your requirements. Let us know which one of these rainmeter skin you like the most in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!


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