Designster Review: An In-Depth Look at the Graphic Design Service

Designster Review, graphic design service
(Last Updated On: November 17, 2020)

If you are new to the digital field, Designster is an unlimited graphic design service that provides a flat monthly fee.

What is Designster?

They are responsible for creating visually appealing designs for your blogs, logos, and branding that will expand your customer base. You can avail unlimited designs with unlimited revisions for the price of $299 for two months only.

It has become renowned for its emerging potential across the world with its diversified outlook and motivated graphic designers. Designster is undergoing major evolutionary changes within the digital hemisphere and has already become a corporation in its own rights that has already delivered thousands of designs to its clients.

Who will Benefit from Designster’s Business Model?

The benefactors of Designster’s platform are businesses, authors, bloggers, and entrepreneurs looking to create ad campaigns online.

Some of its graphic design services include:

  • Websites
  • Logos
  • Apps
  • Social media graphics
  • Promotional materials
  • Illustrations
  • Infographics

7 Things That Will Make You Fall in Love with Designster

1.      Devoted Designers

Designster consists of over 200+ employees who boast jaw-dropping creativity and unmatched energy. They take on every request with zeal and overlook every aspect of its structure before constructing it to perfection. These graphic designers are fresh and enthusiastically driven. They leave no stone unturned in developing polished material and designs for their clients.

What really is a highlight of Designster’s graphic design team is their flexibility. Any changes or alterations requested by the client are immediately taken into consideration. All the necessary changes are incorporated into the design according to the client’s request. Many of those who have had the opportunity to collaborate with the team has responded positively to their services.

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2.      Companiable Communication

Designster maintains a positive relationship with its clients and has established an open line of communication with them. Any queries or complaints that clients have are immediately taken into consideration.

It is one of the few platforms operating that is entirely answerable to its clients. Even the most hesitant customers eventually reach their comfort zone with the friendly and warm platform.

This is why it has an abundance of positive feedback from its consumers. The policy of pursuing a strong connection with clients creates an atmosphere of trust and relief for the clients who realize that their requests are in good hands.

3.      Abundance of Design Assets

It works for a growing demographic of customers, its graphic designers give provide access to multiple design assets. Whether it be in the form of flyers, posters, logos, Facebook Ads, Illustration, Contest Image, greeting cards, or even an Instagram Post, it has sizable digital assets in its arsenal.

This means that they are always organized and ready to take on one request after another regardless of how challenging the endeavor may seem. This saves time for the customer and gives him the benefit to access high quality and sophisticated imagery.

Enterprises that do not have such assets in place tend to underperform with respect to their graphic designs which hurts the customer in the process.

4.      Exclusive Costs

What makes Designster stand out from its competitors is its fresh basic offer of $299 of two months. Most mainstream graphic design firms base their offers for a period of one month only and that at a higher price. For example, Penji offers its one-month service for a cost of $399 per month while Design Pickle offers its one-month service for the same price.

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The fact that Designster is offering its basic services for a fraction of this cost makes it the most affordable and cost-effective graphic design platform today. Instead of procrastinating, clients have chosen to opt for this service at an accelerated pace. This surprises no one considering that it provides similar services as the mentioned platforms.

5.      Timely Delivery

The highlight of Designster is in its timely delivery. Time is of the essence for this platform and it does not take any deadline lightly. Every single request is constructed and immediately delivered before it can even reach its deadline.

All of the qualified graphic designers will miss no opportunities in submitting their designs to their respective customers. You can expect the same fast-tracked delivery from its Pro and Premium services.

6.      Advanced Turnaround Time

This platform has a 1-2-day turnaround time especially with respect to its basic services. This gives ample time for customers to receive their product and provide the graphic design firm with feedback.

The clients of Designster have had the privilege of receiving their work in order and have showered its platform with glowing reviews and praise.

The experienced nature of their graphic design team paves the way for them to fast track the requested product required by the client. This also makes it a trusted brand in and of itself.

7.      Cancel Anytime

There is no contract pertaining to the offers provided. That means that you can cancel anytime you want. If you are having second thoughts about your request no longer require their services, you will not face any obstacle or interrogation by their team.

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In fact, Designster respects the wishes of its clients regardless of the circumstances and will discontinue their services with no questions asked. This has made for a pleasant experience for many of its clients.

It is basically like having your own friend in the form of a graphic designer. It’s incredibly cheap and never causes any sort of hindrance for its customers. It is a good fit for anyone and everyone from all walks of life who require immediate assistance.


If you have problems related to your logos, illustrations or website design. Designster is your answer. Rest, you can share your experiences of trying out any of the designing services or graphic design software for that matter.


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