Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

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(Last Updated On: August 8, 2022)

Have a look at the most promising and the top programming languages for 2020 and do share the one you like.

Let’s discuss the most popular programming languages for 2020. The list is based on Github’s PYPL and TIOBE rankings. There are more than 265 programming languages, according to TIOBE. So, it can be tricky to choose the one for your project development. In this article, you can find the most widespread programming languages.

Top Programming Languages to Learn

We have placed the languages depending on their popularity, from the tenth to the first. 

10. Kotlin

Kotlin is actively used for Android app development. There are a lot of devices run on Android OSAlso, it’s possible to use Kotlin for back-end application development and SDK/libraries. One more benefit of this programming language is inter-operability with Java, so that developers can use all existing libraries for their Android applications. 

Popular Apps written in Kotlin: Netflix, Slack, Evernote

9. Swift

The next wide-spread programming language is Swift. It’s common to use Swift for iOS app development. Apple claims that Swift is 2.6x faster in comparison to Objective-C and 8.4x faster than Python. Also, this popular programming language tends to have simple syntax. As a result, it’s easier for developers to write and understand the code. Developers can learn Swift faster. 

Popular Apps written in Swift: LinkedIn, Airbnb, Lyft

8. Objective-C

Objective-C was the first programming language to create apps for iOS. However, in 2014. Apple introduces Swift. The last one became mainstream. But Objective-C remains popular since a lot of apps were written in it. iOS app developers need to maintain existing solutions, so Objective-C takes the eighth place in this list. 

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Popular Apps written in Objective-C: iTunes and AppleMusic

7. R

Data science and data analysis fields tend to use R and Python as the primary programming languages. Software developers use R for adhoc analysis and exploring datasets. Also, this programming language can be used for statistics-heavy projects. 

Popular Areas to use R programming: Banking analysis, Healthcare Information Analysis, Government Analytics

6. C/C++

C programming language was created in 1973, and it’s still one of the most widespread languages among developers. There are a lot of solutions made with the help of C and C++. For example, Oracle Database, MySQL, MS SQL Server, and others. C++ also uses the concept of object-oriented programming. 

Popular Solutions written in C++: Adobe solutions, Mozilla, and Microsoft software.

5. PHP

Developers tend to choose PHP for web development. It can run various types of web solutions as a back-end language. PHP has several vital benefits like fast learning and cross-platform development. Also, this programming language has in-build support for MySQL.

Popular Solutions written in PHP: Wikipedia, WordPress, Yahoo

4. C#

One more C language that has some Java features. This programming language can be used for various projects, from websites to mobile games. Additionally, C# is integrated with Windows. As a result, developers utilize it with Microsoft’s .NET frameworks to create desktop applications.

Popular Solutions based on C#: Microsoft Visual Studio, Open Dental, KeePass

3. JavaScript

For the last few years, JavaScript remains one of the most popular solutions for front-end development. This programming language affects web development costs since it helps make websites interactive. For example, JavaScript allows creating pop-ups, various effects, and animations. Moreover, recently, such frameworks as Angular and Node were introduced, they provide an opportunity to develop both front-end and back-end.

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Popular Apps written in JavaScript: eBay, Amazon, Wikipedia

2. Java

The next widespread programming language is Java. There are a lot of applications based on this language. Also, Java tends to be the official programming language to develop Android apps. As a result, a lot of applications on Google Play were created with the help of Java. 

Popular applications written in Java: Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon

1. Python

Python is the most popular programming language, according to PYPL. Developers usually choose Python for back-end development. It allows writing automation scripts and prototyping applications, both web and mobile. Python has several vital advantages. It’s an open-source, object-oriented language that allows developing cross-platform solutions. 

Popular Apps written in Python: YouTube, Quora, Instagram

So, these were the top 10 programming languages for 2020. The list is quite extensive, including solutions for mobile and web applications.

Programming Languages: Few More to Add 

However, there are a few programming languages that deserve attention. You can look through them below:

  • Dart
  • Rust
  • HCL

These days, there are a lot of programming languages. If you aren’t a tech guru, it’s better to consult with professionals to pick the one that fits your project.

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