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(Last Updated On: January 18, 2019)

Through this blog post, we shall discuss some of the Best Vtiger hosting providers and plans. The trending ones that you can host your CRM application on.

Vtiger is a popular open source CRM solution. The open source version of Vtiger is self hosted. It is an offshoot of popular SugarCRM CE. However, over the past few years, Vtiger has moved quite a bit ahead from the SugarCRM CE edition. In fact, it has added a plethora of modules and functionalities for the users of the CRM. Since then the CRM has not looked backwards.

No doubt, Vtiger has gathered a lot of user base over the years. Further, the developers are busy building lots of plugins and working in the ecosystem.

Vtiger Hosting Providers:

Here are the various criterion that we shall consider while analysing the vtiger hosting providers:

1. Memory: Vtiger is a CRM and CRMs are transactional applications. They need a generous amount of memory so we will preferably go for a good VPS provider.

2. PricingPricing is an important point to consider while buying a server since it can get quite costly to host a CRM if the pricing of server is not within our reach.

3. Technology StackAlthough vtiger uses a very popular LAMP stack which most of the hosting providers give. We give preference to the hosting providers where a single click or no click installers are present for vtiger hosting.

4. StorageStorage is also an important consideration while looking out for Vtiger hosting providers. There can be a lot of attachments in the CRM and a good cheap storage is required while looking for Vtiger hosting.

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5. Co-locationIts best to have the servers co-located at a place where your team is located. So, one should prefer those hosts which are near the location where you intend to use the application.

6. ManagementManagement of an open source hosted environment can be big pain if you are not a techie yourself and can manage the whole environment. In fact it can take away all the cost advantage that you got by choosing an open source CRM.

Now, let’s have a look at trending vtiger hosting solutions suiting your various needs:

DIY (DO It  Yourself) Traditional Vtiger Hosting Providers

1. Small Business (1-5 Users)

If you are a small business and would have 1-5 CRM users, its best to keep the costs low and go forward with Shared hosting providers. vtiger would work well enough with shared in such a usage environment. Here is our recommended list of hosts for you:


Bluehost is a popular shared hosting provider. It provides shared hosting starting from 3.95 USD and going upwards towards 10 USD as the features increase. The hosting service is well tested on LAMP stack and provides a really good and cheap option to host a vtiger installation. The hosting provides Softaculous single click installer to install vtiger.

A2 Hosting

A2 hosting is another popular web host in shared hosting arena. They provide servers optimised for vTiger CRM. The plans start as low as 3.92 USD per month and the support is also friendly. They also provide single click vTiger installer in softaculous so its really quick to get started with A2hosting platform hosted vtiger CRM.

Medium Business (6 or more users)

As your business grows, shared hosting might just not be sufficient for the users using vtiger. You would just need much more power to handle the vtiger crm instance. VPS(Virtual private servers) come in just handy when faced with such a situation.

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VPS servers are costlier than their shared hosting counter parts and it may very well be a complete DIY server. Here are a couple of recommended vtiger hosting providers for your needs:

InMotion Hosting

Inmotion hosting is a popular web host especially in North America as the pride themselves for being a completely american company. Their VPS servers are fast and powerful and provide cPanel access for a single click vtiger installation.

The plans starts from 24 USD and go as much as to 90 USD per month. The plan that you chose would depend upon the size of your organisation.


Liquidweb is a powerful web hosting provider. It is for the companies that are looking for utmost speed and efficiency in their vtiger hosting. The pricing doesn’t come cheap but who said anyways that quality comes cheap.

The VPS on liquidweb is complete DIY and you need to even install the vtiger yourself. The plans range from 80 upwards for VPS but the power of the servers is guaranteed. Go for liquid web when you are really serious about speed and power of your server.

Managed vtiger Hosting

As vtiger expanded its reach and became a popular CRM of choice, many vendors came up who will ship vtiger with their hosting of their own. You are then charged on per user per month basis just like vtiger paid version. The advantage of such a setup is that its completely managed and you don’t need to worry hosting hiccups like scaling, storage etc.

So, we tried a couple of such providers and here is the list of managed vtiger hosting providers:

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Powered by VGS global, a popular vtiger development company, vtcloudhost provides a hosted version of vtiger. The setup includes many features like backup, plugin upload(unlike vtiger on demand), unmatched scalability and support.

The prices starts from 29 USD per month per server for upto 5 users and go upto 259 USD for upto 50 users. Theoretically they can support as many users as you want.

Boru Apps

Boru Apps is another popular vtiger plugin development company. It releases a lot of extensions to vtiger and provides hosting which has these extensions enabled by default. These extensions help make your vtiger workflow smoother. Boruapps vanila vtiger hosting comes at 5 USD per user per month and the hosting is priced at 25 USD per user per month with all the Boru Apps extensions bundled.

We hope you found this post useful in shortlisting the hosting for your vtiger instance. Once you have the hosting set, head on to our vtiger installation guide to get started with vtiger installation. Please feel free to drop a comment in case of any queries.


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